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Day Eleven: No mo’!

my floor is ugly

I HATE MY FLOOR. It is sooooo ugly*. Parquet flooring is naturally ugly but this flooring goes up the side base boards and it looks like you’re riding in a boat or a motor home. I get motion sickness just standing on it.

Other than that I have no news. I have not researched new flooring. I have not danced on it. I’ve just stared at it and marveled at it’s ability to hide dirt. I suppose that is a good thing but I’m still hating it.

Speaking of hate. This is an awful post. I cannot wait until December when Nablopomo is over. I think I should start a Nablopomo back lash. How about in the month of December we only post once. One post for the WHOLE month. That could be fun. We could call it DeBloPoMo (as in de-briefing?) or NoMoPoMo (as in No Mo! I can’t take it any mo’!!) Imagine suddenly being forced to have a real life because you CANNOT BLOG. I know I would miss it but it might be a good exercise. That one post better be a really good one.

What are your thoughts?

*It’s way uglier than this picture.


  • Bethany V

    I feel your pain … I’ve hated the wood squares in my kitchen floor for ages, but they’re not nearly so stripey … sigh. Rugs? Anything to break it up? Maybe BB can color it for you :)

  • heather

    The negative side to your 1-post-in-Dec idea is that it’s the month with a lot of excitement! I don’t even post very much anymore but the idea of not being able to post makes me want to post more…

  • erin rae

    I love the NoMo concept :-) If you see a mini driving around with the license plate NOMOSUV, that’s my dad!

    I don’t think the floor looks bad – but obviously this is just based on the photo

  • margalit

    Have you ever been to NYC? That is the official floor of middle class apartments in NYC. It’s EVERYWHERE. I’m not fond of it myself, but it isn’t anywhere NEAR as horrible as I had thought by your former description. I’m assuming it’s vinyl and not real wood. It comes in real wood 12″ square tiles with each tile holding 4 of those parquet squares. THAT is the floor of NYC apartments, not the vinyl. But honestly, get yourself a nice big sisal rug and cover most of it. Sisal is great for the beach anyhow, as it allows sand and dirt to drop down in it. And it looks n ice and calm.

  • Jillian

    Margalit is absolutely right. We’re in NYC and that’s almost exactly what our hardwood looks like. It’s a little more golden and the panels are a bit larger, but that’s it.

    On another note, I’ve really enjoyed getting to read your daily posts, so I’m hoping you decide to post more than once next month. ;)

  • witchypoo

    Well, I like to tell stories, and I don’t know if there is really a story every day, but I have a ton of em from back when. If you get stuck, there must be a story from back when?

  • Michelle

    We have that exact flooring in our foyer and powder room…I wanted to change it when we moved in, and my husband looked at me like I was crazy! But I guess on the upside, no mo ho in yo flo :o) What – lol…I’m trying to keep in time with the Nablopomo theme :o)

  • Spandrel Studios

    It’s like living over an Escher drawing, that floor.

    If it’s really wood, I second the vote to paint or stain it. A dark espresso brown to even out all that mind-boggling contrasty-ness.

  • Chris

    Yikes! I had that exact same flooring in the kitchen of my old house. We ended up ceramic tiling eventually and I was so happy.

    Hmmm… a nice area rug? Or runner to cover most, depending on your kitchen’s size?

    And I’m with you on NaBloPoMo- my posts are definitely lacking, but then again, they always were. I just post more of them now.

  • amy

    I like this
    it is like a push to my brain
    I must think for 10 minutes a day about something that might be swirling in my mind
    I am trying to feel no pressure
    december looms quickly
    we could blog about holiday shopping
    just post pics of yr gal :)

  • Gramma

    We got a dark green rug at Big Lots to put over our floor. It wasnit too expensive and looks pretty nice. It’s easy to keep clean.

  • stavroula

    OR you could push it up a notch… TWO posts a day, or maybe posts every hour. That would be pretty cool!

    ha ha ha – joking, of course. It’s fun to read your daily posts but I can imagine that it’s stressful to have to keep doing them with no breaks. (does anything bad happen if you miss a day?)

  • Gretchen

    If you hate it, you hate it. I look at it and think the ‘design’ would make a great quilt. In different colors. Not running up the side of the wall. And not in wood.

    Better than a big hole in the floor? Maybe?

  • BeachMama

    that floor is soooo not pretty. Head out and pick up a rug or a sheet of linoleum to put over it and you will be good.

    I was looking at this Nano thing as a challenge. It is but not as much fun as the Nanowrimo I did last year. It is stressful to think of something to write everyday and do all the stuff you have to do. I don’t think I will do it next year, but I just can’t seem to stop (as in drop out). Hopefully you won’t go as far as to post once a month, what will I read with my coffee?? ;)

  • deana

    Your floor is not bad. I assume it is looks worse in real life and that it is not real wood but you made it sound sooo much worsel

  • b*babbler

    Ooh… That is bad. I hate parquet flooring in principle, but the colours in that one are even worse than normal.

    I’m so sorry… Get thee to a flooring store, pronto!

  • OMSH

    Linoleum would be worse – 1970s linoleum, to be precise.

    ONLY ONE BLOG POST IN DECEMBER? I couldn’t participate. I’d have to start working again!