Who is Secret Agent Josephine anyway?

Secret Agent Josephine is a character I made up in the early aughts when I wanted to write an online journal where nobody knew who I was. I discovered blogging and named my website the first random thing that popped into my head. (Backstory: I had watched the movie The Truth About Charlie the night before and was reminiscing about how Le Femme Nikita called herself Josephine. I apologize to all the Josephine Baker fans who land here. I never meant to steal her identity. I learned about her much later and am now a big fan.)

It seemed appropriate to call myself a secret agent since I wanted to write about my personal life, but I didn’t want anyone to know it was me. I figured it would be my little secret. Ha! You can guess how that turned out.

In 2003 I quit my job as a graphic designer in corporate land and decided to become a full-time freelancer. Instead of coming up with a new business name, I continued to use “Secret Agent Josephine” since I had a decent customer base from my blog. Sometimes having the wrong name is just as good for business as having the right name!

In 2006 I had my daughter and fell face-first into the mommy-blogging scene. I never wanted to be a mommy blogger, but it was the trend, and I floated along. I thought having a child would take away from my freelance business, but it threw me into a new market sector I never knew existed.

I blogged about motherhood and crafting with my toddler for alphamom.com and toriavey.com. I also illustrated flashcards and printables and shared them with my readers. Around 2010, an online friend contacted me about illustrating children’s books when she started a publishing company. Since then, we’ve created over 80 books and hopefully continue to make more!

Now my daughter is all grown up, and I’ve attempted to head back to corporate land, but good jobs are scarce these days, so I trek on with the freelance business that has sustained me through a divorce, break-ups so much more. I’m proud of this little company!

I like to think of myself as the creative force that works behind the scenes (like a secret agent!) to help your business. I’m not selling secrets, but I can definitely help you solve problems creatively. Let’s work together!

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