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    Day Four: Letter Day!

    out in the sticks shoes

    Today is a Letter Day! Hooray! But first, the shoe picture of course. We have to lead all November posts with a picture of shoes because I am a lemming and I join just about every club/group/pool that I am invited to. I just can’t help it. I’m making up for my paralyzing shyness during high school.

    I would write more about that but I have to post this before midnight or else I will lose my nablopomo status and turn into a pumpkin! Onward with the letters! Tick Tick Tick…it’s almost midnight!

    U is for Underwear!

    U is for Underwear! Who would have guessed! I was going to do unicorn or umbrella but couldn’t make up my mind. So I asked the nearest three-year old (not Baby Bug, she was asleep) and guess what she said? Underwear!

    V is for Volkswagen

    So there you have it. Since U was so girly, I did Volkswagen for V. I know it’s a brand but how can you not love a Volkswagen? They are the cutest cars ever! (Not counting if you are a mechanic, of course. My brother, the mechanic, hates Volkswagens).

    Also, I cheated. This is an old illustration I am re-using. Why? Because I can! Unlike everyone else, I own the rights to my illustrations and can re-use them until the end of time! Phew! Good thing. Cause I got nothing else.

    Get your letters here!