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    Day Fourteen: Brought to you by Coffee!


    I almost decided to give up on nablopomo today. Somebody commented that it’s been putting me in a bad mood and I hate that I’m so transparent like that. You’re right, it has been putting me in a bad mood and shame on me. It’s supposed to be fun. Why am I complaining in almost every post?

    Really what my problem is is that I’m a caffeine addict. I’m also a morning person. I’m also a mom who cannot get anything done between the hours of 5:30 am and 8 pm because I have a child who demands nearly all of my attention. So when Baby Bug finally goes to bed, I’m pretty beat…and grumpy.

    You know how night owls are grumpy in the morning? Well, I’m just like that except in reverse. I’m so chipper in the morning you’d probably want to throw your alarm clock at me. But when nine pm hits, my eyes start drooping and I’m about as fun as a bag of rocks.

    The way I combat my natural yearning to go to bed when the sun goes down is to guzzle coffee. But like any drug, it doesn’t always work. After a while I develop a tolerance and I have to drink more. More and more and more coffee. After a month or so coffee has no effect on me. I’m just tired all the time. I really should go off caffeine but that is like asking me not to breath. It’s a good thing I never tried crack.

    I LOVE coffee! If I suddenly stop drinking coffee then you know it’s because I’m pregnant and the smell makes me ill. So I must not be pregnant because there is a paper cup from starbucks sitting right here on the counter next to me and even though it is all gone (drunk up?), I can still smell just a hint of delicious eggnog latte. (My first of the season! Hip hip hooray for eggnog lattes! Let’s just throw our scales in the trash now.)

    Tonight I had my coffee late and that is why I am still up typing and not complaining too terribly much. But I’m not sure I can keep it up all month long. I might have to quit nablopomo or just post minimally. OR I could just complain all month. NO. I can’t do that.

    on golden sands

    In other news, Baby Bug and I took a walk to the beach this afternoon and took a bunch of pictures. The light was really pretty. You may see a bunch more beach pictures here again… In a few days, I’m going to start up the (not so daily) “daily desktops” again. The Daily Desktops are making a comeback thanks to popular demand. Wooot!