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    Day Twenty-six: Running Low Day

    11/26 on E

    If this were a mom-o-meter fuel gauge, my feet would be on E for empty. I should have composed the shot in such a way that my feet were tilted to the right but I wasn’t thinking of the “E for empty” when I shot this. It was morning and I was chipper and ready for the day.

    Sadly, today kicked my butt.

    I want to blame it on Baby Bug because she has been particularly challenging today. Let’s see, could it be any of the following?

    1. yelling whenever I am talking
    2. not eating the healthy food that is put before her
    3. throwing the healthy food on the floor
    4. the hour-and-a-half battle over what time is “nap time”
    5. the endless whining and hanging on the pantry door asking for “trick or treats”
    6. the very rough rough-housing that landed me with a thick lip
    7. the sudden aversion to having her hair washed

    … or all of the above?

    I have a feeling it isn’t her. She’s just being a nearly-two-year-old. She reminds me of a kitten. You know how kittens look so cute and you just want to cuddle them up to your face but they are all full of claws and teeth and you end up getting your hand chewed up and covered with scratches? That’s Baby Bug these days. Just too much energy for her little cute body. And definitely too much energy for this tired old hag of a mom.

    I think normally I’m pretty good at handling this sort of stuff. I’ve babysat plenty of kids who are way more rambunctious than she is. I think today I’m just sort of running low on fuel in general. I don’t know why or how long I’ll feel like this.

    It could be the let down from several days of jam-packed fun. It could be I’m feeling fat and ugly from eating apple pie every day. (Why won’t someone else in this house eat the pie!!!) It could be that I’m sick of taking pictures of my shoes every day. It could be that I’m just bummed that I can’t make my alphabet cards at a price point that I think will make everyone happy. I don’t know. I think I just need to post a downer post. I’ll feel better soon.

    I always do.