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    Day Five: Meet my Stalker Day

    11/5 "Meeting my Stalker" Shoes

    I got to meet my stalker today. She hates being called that because, really, she is anything but. I love to call her that because I am an imp and I only mean it affectionately. It’s really great to have a stalker like Bethany Actually. She writes really sweet comments on nearly all my flickr pictures, sends me thoughtful and helpful emails and even sends me packages! She makes me feel like I’m Britney Spears with my own fan club.

    bethany actually!

    So anyway Bethany had some family to visit near the sticks so we set up a meeting. It’s always a little scary meeting someone in person for the first time after you’ve had long conversations until the wee hours of the morning on instant messenger. All sorts of insecure thoughts go through your head like, will she like me when she realizes that I talk like a mouse? Will she regret booking a motel to visit me for a whole day at the beach when she finds out I have a kid who likes to run around crazy in restaurants? What if we don’t have anything to talk about. (HA! Like that would ever happen.) Silly stuff like that…

    I have some experience meeting internet friends and I can say that all my meetings have all gone very well. Really, they should when you think about it. Compared to how we usually make friends, by bumping into them or sitting behind them in class etc…, the internet is a pretty good filter. You meet and find people who have similar interests. One link leads to another and next thing you know you are involved in a robust community of goofballs just like yourself.

    goofballs take 3

    I love the internet. I hope I meet every single one of you someday. (Except maybe, you, Mr. Weirdo Foot Fettish Guy)