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Day Twelve: A bonus post

Ugly Floor Movie from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

I was feeling guilty for posting such a negative dud post last night so here’s a movie of me and BB dancing on our ugly kitchen floor. Maybe our fancy footwork (ha.) will make up for my unoriginal writing.

Or maybe it will just take the pressure off trying to get something up tonight. I’d hate for a bonus post to turn into a real post but this way at least if I lag I won’t be disqualified.

Why the pressure? I don’t know. I guess I’m just not a quitter. Maybe some little part of me wishes I could win a superhero necklace or something. Not that they are giving those away to nablopomo winners. I’m just dreaming. I wouldn’t want to quit and then find out afterwards that I’m just one post shy of winning something really cool.


  • Donna

    Hi! Too bad…the email “big brother” will not let me view this! I’m sure it’s adorable going by the previous comments! The floor is kind of crazy…at least it’s clean and….no hole! Throw rugs can hide a thousand ugly floors.

  • Margie

    I didn’t watch the video because I don’t have my speakers turned on because I don’t want to bother my colleagues nor do I want anyone to know that I sometimes take a peek at blogs from work. And I forget to watch videos when I’m on the home computer. But someday I’ll catch up to the rest of the world that watches You-tube and music videos and cute little munchkins talking in their cute little voices.

    You’re so funny–you already post nearly every day, so it really shouldn’t be that difficult to put something up every day. Some days you post about a lot of different things, some days you post more than once.

    But I know what you mean, because I’m trying to do this NaBloPoMo, and I’m still new, and some days I just don’t know what to write about–which is why I signed up, so that I’d get more used to posting more often.

    But what’s bugging me now is that here I thought I’d already posted every day (well, except today, but I have a few more hours to get that done), but I went back to look at my blog (I just got back from a quickie weekend with some girlfriends in SantaFe), and it LOOKS like I didn’t post on Nov 3rd? How could that happen? Did my host lose a day? Did it change the date of a post when I went back and added “NaBloPoMo” tags to all my November posts? Here I thought I’d “done good,” and it looks like I failed almost from the start.

    Sorry to be venting here, but since you had that negative energy (which you usually don’t) I felt free to blather on… maybe I’ll just cut-and-paste this to my blog and call it “today’s post!”

  • Clownfish

    My flippers are clapping!! Bravo! (Side note: Although the finger-board parquet is not your choice, it still is hardwood! An awesome surface, a clean surface and a real surface)

    SAJ says: It’s vinyl! Ack! I need to take a picture of the carpet and the flooring so you can get the full “awfulness” effect.

  • Jennifer

    I really enjoyed that. It made that wretched floor lovable :P I’ll have to share some of Audrey’s dance moves. They are wacky. I dance like Elaine on Seinfeld so that isn’t much fun.