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    Day Twelve: Perfect Picnic Day

    beach shoes

    Maybe I had so much trouble blogging last night because I didn’t have any photos to jump off from. I like to think I’m a writer/artist but when the going gets tough—I’m more of a visual person than a wordsmith. I’ve especially felt this way lately as I peruse more and more amazingly witty blog writers. At one point, I got so disappointed in my lack of wittiness, I almost decided that I shouldn’t read witty blogs anymore. And that is just sad. So I got over that, shook off my jealousy and told myself to just keep doing what I do and stop thinking so much about it.

    tiny beachcomber

    Today was a great day for taking pictures. It was sunny and lovely. The Santa Ana winds blew softly, warming the day up in a surreal its-a-holiday* sort of way. The weather and lack of usual 9-5 hustle bustle reminded me of Christmas. Christmas is always unusually warm around here. People take walks, drink coffee outside, hang out with their kids at the park… my town just has that “I’m on holiday* feeling”. And if that doesn’t do it for you then you’ll realize it’s a holiday* when you can’t deposit your check at the bank or mail that package you promised you’d mail first thing Monday morning.


    In spite of my foiled errands to the post office and the bank, today was a perfect day. A perfect day for a picnic! I try to fill the big block of time between Baby Bug’s one nap of the day and bedtime with an outing that will amuse us both. Somedays we just stay inside and color all day. Those days drag on painfully. Other days I think up something fun and novel like a picnic!

    so many shoe shots

    Baby Bug got a quilt in the mail the other day from a reader who spoils me rotten and the quilt just called out to be taken outside for some fun. It’s so bright and colorful it makes all the other blankets jealous.

    Of course we couldn’t disappoint the new quilt, so we packed up some lunch and headed down to the beach for some sun and sand. Nothing says holiday like the crunch of sand when you bite down on a grilled cheese sandwich. I’m so used to sand these days, it doesn’t even phase me. Sand sand everywhere. Good thing we have spanking new plumbing in our falling down rental apartment.

    hmmmm that seaweed looks tasty

    We had so much fun with our picnic we decided to share it with the seagulls which probably made all the other families picnicking nearby us mad at us. Actually, there was a family near us and I could tell the mom was seething as I tossed Baby Bug’s uneaten apples to the greedy seagulls. I suppose it wasn’t the wisest thing to do but it was very entertaining. Seagulls are such mad creatures. I get a kick out of watching them fight over food. They weren’t really a problem. When we finished up our lunch, I threw away the trash and they flew off to bug someone else.

    a perfect picnic day

    I don’t know if good weather will keep the “no mo’ nablopomo blues” away but it certainly helped! Sunny weather always helps.


    Editor’s note: I know today is not a “holiday”. It’s actually a day to remember those who have given their lives to preserve ours. It’s not about celebrating but it is about being thankful. And I’m thankful to all those soldiers because without them there wouldn’t be perfect days for picnics.

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    Day Twelve: A bonus post

    Ugly Floor Movie from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

    I was feeling guilty for posting such a negative dud post last night so here’s a movie of me and BB dancing on our ugly kitchen floor. Maybe our fancy footwork (ha.) will make up for my unoriginal writing.

    Or maybe it will just take the pressure off trying to get something up tonight. I’d hate for a bonus post to turn into a real post but this way at least if I lag I won’t be disqualified.

    Why the pressure? I don’t know. I guess I’m just not a quitter. Maybe some little part of me wishes I could win a superhero necklace or something. Not that they are giving those away to nablopomo winners. I’m just dreaming. I wouldn’t want to quit and then find out afterwards that I’m just one post shy of winning something really cool.