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just another slow news day

sun dog

I’m so into my paintings these days I’ve become very boring. I should really stretch my mind and try to write something interesting. Like maybe a trip down memory lane. A story with some drama about an ex-boyfriend or some wonderful summertime experience like camping with my parents or something. I should write something with details like rich gooey chocolatey s’mores… something with some depth and texture that makes you think of your own memories! Now that would be a good blog post.

But my mind is lazy and all it cares about is PAINTING! Painting! Painting! Painting!

So here’s a cute picture of Baby Bug to tide over the grandparents and bugaholics…

The morning Cuddle Club


  • The Chatty Housewife

    Whoa, I am the first to comment. Hmm. I don’t really have a comment other than I love the blue color of that mug. I have a random blue mug collection. I have already commented on doggies and BB once today, so I better keep it at that.

    SAJ says: Sorry, I HAD to take down the scary picture of me with blue mug. It was just too scary to be posting at the top of a blog. So your comment will not make sense now but the picture is still here for the curious (and brave).

  • Jennifer

    I am in love with your dog. He’s so stinkin’ cute! And look! Shading and Highlighting! Lovely!

    SAJ says: I actually fixed it a little more post photo but nothing worth re-taking the picture over. Fixed the shading so the sun is actually shining from the top. Dur…I’m kinda slow at this sometimes.

  • BeachMama

    I have to laugh at the hair thing. Most times Hubby tells me I look great or beautiful is when I just wake up and I have all that new hair sticking out all over the place. Must be a thing for the guys ?!?

    Great pic of Toby and BB, they look quite happy and content. And the dog painting, well it’s great!

    SAJ says: Sorry deleted the part about Toby smoking crack and thinking my hair is beautiful. I am too vain. I had to take the scary picture down.

  • Erin

    The sunning dog is absolutely adorable…but where’s his tail?:) My chichuahua’s favorite position to chew her beloved bone is in that exact position. I was thinking how cute a picture it would bejust last night…except in the real world it’s unfortunately a huge crotch shot as well. I guess I could always apply a black “sensored” bar to the area, lol. Keep up the painting…and the baby bug snuggling!

    SAJ says: That’s what’s wrong with that painting!!! Thank you! Off to paint a tail.

  • Latinopoliticsblog

    Nice painting and cute picture of the muchkin with her pops.

    Girl, there are lots of things you could write about. As I peruse my way throught blogsphere, I notice that there are many posts about the mundane, and there is nothing wrong with that… But we have serious things going on in this world, global warming, a war in the middle east, economic policies that force women to chose their jobs over their families, etc. All of these are issues that Baby Bug will inherit.

    Should you ever feel bored, I would love to see your opinion on some current event issues or a cause that is near and dear to your heart. You have a lot of influence with a select group of bloggers. Even if you find people not agreeing with you, I believe that you can contribute to the greater good and add to the dialogue.

    And of course, you can still post cute pics, paintings, and all that other fun stuff.

    SAJ says: Are you kidding me with this? Me and politics?!! That would be blog suicide. Ha hahahahahah. If you wanna hear my views on things like ilegal immigration and health care and the war… come for a stroller walk with us to the beach some day, Miss Mocha.

  • andrea

    oh tell us a story about your past, I love going down memory lane… Or just post some cute pictures of BB and your awesome dog paintings, either way we’ll all be happy.

  • monique

    i am so in love with your doggie paintings! i wish i didn’t live a gabillion miles away so i could go see them!

    and baby bug is a cutie too… i love her expressions. perhaps you could start painting a series of her?

  • amy

    I am ENVIOUS that you are loving the painting so much! I wish I felt similar. These days I try to sit and paint but so many other things need doing or I am feeling so uninspired . Enjoy your painting frenzy!