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    Please Come!

    Please Come!!!!

    My Art is going to the Dogs! The Karma Rescue Dogs that is…

    Email me if you think you might come or if you would like more info. I’m also sending out postcards to those on my mailing list within driving distance of Redondo Beach. If you’d like to be on my mailing list, email me your address and I’ll send you a postcard. If you live far away and you’d just like a postcard for the fun of it, you can email me your address too! I hope lots of people can come.

    Edited to add the “More later….” part

    I’m hoping to get a friend of mine and his fantastic band (I will link his band’s website when it’s a sure thing) to play at the show. It will be so fun. Music and art and food! Yippeee! Maybe I’ll even dance for you. Baby Bug and I are working on a number. There is also a rumor that a dog-loving celebrity will be there… but it could just be a rumor. Or maybe we can make it true, anybody know a dog-loving celebrity in the LA area we could coax to come? You know you want to come. There might even be dog cupcakes!

    I am going to make digital prints for posters and postcards, tshirts etc… to sell at the show (and to those of you who can’t make it.) I haven’t made them yet so I’m stressing just a little bit. Maybe you have some suggestions?. What would you like to see as a re-printable graphic? Something I could autograph with a sharpie and pretend I’m a big famous artist…. Ha ha ha… I dream big. So it’s just a dog bakery and not the Getty… that’s okay. It’s art and it’s for a good cause!!!!

    please come!