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    Sand Bugs for B-Bug

    B-Bug with Sand Bug!

    We visited Toby’s brother in Newport yesterday and naturally, since he’s related to Toby, he took some awesome shots of Bug and I at the beach. Baby Bug’s Uncle George is a lot of fun. He caught some sand crabs for Baby Bug and she thought they were great. What’s not to love? They are BUGS! And they have wiggly little legs and they live at the beach….I think she would have popped one in her mouth if I hadn’t freaked out and nearly lost my breakfast.

    I hate sand crabs (and all exoskeletal creatures for that matter). They are neat little creatures and I appreciate the wonder of their under-the-sand life with their little feelers eating plankton and such.. But REALLY, to me, they are just beach cockroaches. Ick! Baby Bug wanted me to hold her’s really bad. She kept following me, holding out this wiggly little bug and I had to run away screaming. Silly Bug.

    In other news, I painted another painting:


    It’s coming along. I’m running out of places to keep them all!

    I'm running out of places to put them