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    bitten by the painting bug


    I must be insane. All I want to do is paint. All I want to talk or blog about is paintings and I think I’m driving everyone around me insane too.

    I am actually trying to decide whether to go the sticks right now. Where it’s 105 in the shade…I am nuts! Who wants to go to the desert during a heat wave? But they do have a.c. (which I don’t, pant pant gasp!) and my mom will be there with open arms to hold the wiggling Bug.

    I’m having a war in my head because I cannot figure out if I’ll get more painting time at my mom’s, where she will watch Baby Bug while I paint, OR if it’s better to stay home and take advantage of the one big long nap of the day. If I drive to the sticks, that nap will be used up in the car where I cannot paint! I have a bunch of other reasons to go to the sticks and a bunch of reasons to stay (like the first is tomorrow and somebody needs to do the bookkeeping and online bill paying) but of course the painting factor is the loudest.

    Paint! Paint! Paint!

    I want to paint everything! Even the noisy gardener guy outside with his two stroke leaf blower. I would make him as an evil dog with beady eyes and flaming lighting bolts coming out of his blow tube.