The Golden Hour Dance Party That Wasn’t



I know you are expecting me to be sad that no one came to our last Golden Hour Dance Party.  That used to be something that would cause me a lot of stress. But it didn’t. Can you believe it? I am so much healthier mentally than I used to be. It’s not about me, Little Hoo.

kind of knew that people wouldn’t be able to come and I didn’t even try to push or guilt anyone into coming anyway. It was a Thursday night, it’s getting to be fall/winter and it gets dark earlier… dancing makes people nervous, so many of my friends were down with this or that bug… there were a million and one reasons why people wouldn’t come and I knew it. AND I was actually looking forward to just taking pictures anyway. Of course I would have loved a dance party, I always do, but you know what is really fun? Taking pictures with an amp playing music really loud outside.


I also bought a cheap blonde Halloween wig. I’ve always wondered what the hype of being blonde was about. I gotta say it was fun. I can see the appeal. Part of me actually thought about doing this for real. It is pretty sexy, even on me!

But I can’t actually bleach my hair blonde because I am just NOT up to the maintenance that being that blonde requires. Can you imagine me with a shelf of gray roots constantly growing out? I would look horrible regularly. I do not have the time or money to stay on top of that and it would be necessary. Sigh. It’s just not going to be.


But it sure was fun for an hour or two!



Joon did my make-up super goth. I was aiming for a Stevie Nicks look but my skin was not cooperating.


Enough about me. How rad is Bug’s new cape we bought her for Halloween? We ordered it from an Etsy shop in Russia and waited impatiently for weeks for it to arrive. I was worried it might not make it in time for Halloween but it did! And it was everything we wanted it to be.


I foresee many photoshoots with this wonderful cape. It’s light and made out of a table cloth-like material that is water repellent. I day-dreamed of it being heavy and velvet but this fabric is actually much better for our warm weather here in Southern California and it’s better for swooshing around. It furls and flurries like a flag whipping in the wind.


Bug in the hood?


You can see Toby’s rocker side coming out in her. She’s almost 14 and reminds me so much of myself, minus the low self-esteem and perpetual shyness.



The music was blaring, we were being silly. It was pretty fun.


On our way out we snuck into the woods to get some more moody shots.



Super Bug!


Joon was there too of course.


She looks super goth and moody but it’s all an act.


She’s just really good at looking sullen. She’s actually a firecracker nutball.


I snuck a few photos of them making tic toks.


You can see they are actually happy goobers in spite of their dark make-up and pouty looks.


Speaking of dark make-up and pouty looks. I’m not so cheery looking here either. I took the wig off after dancing a while and getting nice and sweaty. I am reluctant to post these photos. They could seen as vain or really ugly if you are adverse to looking at a women nearing fifty but I kind of like them. This is who I am, wrinkles creeping up here and there. It’s not so bad.


I had my time to shine just like the girls when I was young. Being youthful is really fun but you don’t have any of the confidence that you get when you’re older. Or at least I didn’t have it back then. I was a wreck when I had smooth skin and weighed next to nothing.  I wouldn’t trade places with my old self. So bear with me as I post these super big glaring close ups and let it sink in that I am getting older and there is nothing I can do about it except love it.



And rock a blonde wig now and then!

The Big Chop of 2018


Bug and I got our hair cut. It was time. Back to school prep for her and just TIME TO GET A HAIRCUT ALREADY for me. I was sick of my long beautiful princess hair about three inches ago. Summer has not been kind.


I mean look at that long flowing nest of insulation material. I could house several mice and a few birds in that mess. Seriously, cutting it off felt like I lost five pounds. Maybe I did. I should weigh myself.


Bug went for her usual cut: just a trim on the ends and some evening up of her long cockroach feeler bangs in the front. I love her style. She decided to have those long bangs when she was seven or so and has stayed true to them ever since. Kind of like me and my fringe bangs.

But let’s talk about the color! That is $1.49 color job my friends. Yes, it’s Kool-Aid. We are so done with professional color. It takes hours and hours, costs a fortune and washes out in a month or two. Of course bleaching the ends helps the color stick but Kool-Aid is by far the longest lasting and most vibrant hair coloring agent we have ever experienced. Remember my red Kool-Aid hair? That lasted so long I had to cut it off to get rid of it. Even the stylist admitted that Kool-Aid stains the longest. Sometimes that can be a bad thing but for tweens going into middle school it’s perfect.


She loves her new mermaid hair. Ten minutes in hot water with two packets of sugar-free blue raspberry kool-aid and we are good! So easy! We left the kool-aid in her hair (didn’t wash it, just dried it with a towel) but I don’t even think that was necessary. It stuck.


Me on the other hand decided to go bold with a drastic cut. I am tempted by the kool-aid color but I love my natural gray color more.  I’m going for a swingy bob. It will probably stay “swingy”  for exactly twelve hours and then turn to it’s usual mad-scientist wave-curl but I don’t care. I love change.

I’ve cut my hair like this several times. I think the stylists are always more afraid of the big dramatic cut than I am. I’m sure there will be days when I hate it, when it won’t go up into a pony tail or some fancy braid, but I love a challenge. And it means I can wait a whole two years until my next hair cut! Hah!

And yes, I’m sending my hair to Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths because maybe somebody else might like it too!