• Tis the Season

    Happy Birthday to the old hag

    fake flowers from Hawaii

    Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to Me Yesterdaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Bla bla bla… yeah I’m 35 now and I’m over birthdays. Not because I don’t like birthdays or I feel old or anything but more because I haven’t been doing much for other people for their birthdays so I feel like a little piece of poop if anybody does anything for my birthday.

    However, I can’t help but break out into a big smile when somebody does something like this for me. How sweet is that? Not to mention, well sung. That girl can sing! I guess it’s her tradition and I’m going to have to sing to her next year…. ack! I hope she likes whisper-singing.

    my birthday flowers

    I also got some very pretty flowers from my friend Susan and they have been putting a smile on my face all day. I love flowers. Especially pretty ones with shells in the bottom. Isn’t that neat? I’m copying that for my next under-the-sea theme party if I ever have one.

    They are so pretty they are almost helping me forget that I spent three hours at the car dealership waiting for an oil change this morning. THREE HOURS! I guess I should be thankful that I have a car and all it needs is an oil change but it made me miss my very important nap time (as in time for me while she naps) and I’m bitter about it. There we sat in the dealership waiting room, her sleeping in the stroller and me reading a magazine about 5000 fashionable things that I cannot afford to buy. Way to make me covet those things that I haveth not, you evil magazine.

    What really got my goat is that they have free wifi at the dealership and there I was with no laptop. No book, no laptop, no knitting, no sketchbook and tons of free time. My purse didn’t even need reorganizing! I was in my own personal nightmare. I seem to have forgotten how to just sit and be one with my thoughts. Ever since I’ve become a “super mom”, I’ve become the anti-zen master of multi-tasking. If I’m not doing dishes and cooking dinner and feeding the baby in her high chair at the same time, while listening to a podcast from NPR, I feel like a miserable failure. I have grown eight extra hands and a whole extra lobe on my brain so that i can handle it all all the time. Apparently handling it all does not include patience at a dealership. I think I need to get back into doing yoga.

    One more thing: Thank you for all the birthday wishes, here and on facebook, twitter and in my email. I’ve been pinging-ity ping ping happy. :)