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    the weekend round-up

    flirting with Daddy 5

    You guys were so right. It was just the transition stage that was hard. Now she’s taking one long nap at 1 o’clock and life is back to order. I’m so glad. I was really tearing my hair out there for a minute. I just needed to adjust my expectations. Now that I know I have to entertain her from 7-something in the morning until one in the afternoon, I am much better prepared. We have all kinds of fun things we do. Walks around the block, stickers, stories, lining up every single stuffed animal on the couch and counting them, coloring of course and on and on and on and on…

    But then when she takes a nap, it is glorious ME time again! Sometimes TWO HOURS. I am so happy. I’ve been painting like a fool. Especially the fool part.

    the latest batch

    My confidence in my painting is getting better. I’m actually enjoying it. Almost more than blogging. Imagine that. Sometimes I get jealous of other blogs out there (because I’m shallow and competitive) and I worry that I don’t have much interesting content any more but then I think, that’s okay. I could just paint.

    I can see myself becoming a full time painter someday. Can’t you just imagine me in paint splattered clothing and messy hair, rambling about nonsense while I order my coffee at the local coffee shop? I’ll be known as the local town freak and it won’t bother me a bit because I’ll always have my paints and my canvas and they speak to me in ways real people never would. I can grow old and crazy. That wouldn’t bother me a bit. Baby Bug might be embarrassed of me but that’s kind of a given anyway.

    Enough about paintings. I uploaded a bunch of little shorts to vimeo. I love vimeo. It’s so much faster than Youtube and better quality too. Here is a funny one of Baby Bug using my phone. She’s quite the expert at talking on the phone. She copies me down to a T, even the way I walk away as soon as I get a call so I can have some privacy.

    the phone from secretagentjo and Vimeo.

    Here’s proof that Toby wears a purse.

    Baby Purse, Daddy Purse from secretagentjo and Vimeo.

    Here’s one where Baby Bug tries to sit on a teeny tiny vespa that is a magnet that I usually have on the fridge. She’s not supposed to play with these but as you can see we couldn’t resist letting her. We are such suckers.

    Little Scooter from secretagentjo and Vimeo.

    And lastly, here’s a collection of a bunch of clips showing Baby Bug being Baby Bug. She really is a lot of fun.

    This little toddler we have from secretagentjo and Vimeo.

    I hope I haven’t bored you to death with all the home movies.