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    poster day

    Baby Bug vs. the Volcano

    No painting today. My paintings called to me all day long from the patio. I’m working on two right now and so far I haven’t screwed them up. They are super fun and constantly call out to me. “Paint me! Paint me!” they shout in happy little voices. Kind of like the Dove Dark chocolates in my pantry, except those say “Eat Me! Eat me!”

    However, no matter how loud those paintings call me, Baby Bug calls louder. She also likes to climb up on things all day long, scaring me that she’s going to fall. I think she has turned into a monkey. If I don’t take her to the park to climb on things, she makes her own jungle gym out of our dining room chairs.

    I didn’t paint but I did get one thing done during her new and improved super-long-once-a-day nap. A poster!

    Art for Dogs poster

    I am soooooooo not done hyping this. By the time August 25th gets here you are going to be so sick of dog art you will hope you never see a blue cartoon dog again. I think I’m going to make some little side banners too. So if anybody wants to hype the show for me, email me and I’ll give you the code so you can have some blue dog hyperness in your blog too.