na blow me,  Slow News Day

Day Six: Nothing Exciting Day

11/6 feet up

What! These shoes again? I know. I’m bored of them too. I already have about eighty-seven pictures of them. Yawn, snore. Whatever. I’m out in the sticks for a few days and I only packed two pairs, so these are the shoes I’m stuck with. Also, they are comfortable and keep my feet warm so I have to amuse myself (and you) by finding new and unusual ways to take pictures of them.

Other than taking a picture of my feet against the sky, today has been kind of like my shoes. Boring. Boring is good when you’re a mom. I got a lot of freelance work done while my parents baby-sat Baby Bug. That was really nice. My client is going to wonder why she got eight files from me today when she usually gets about one a month. She is so patient with me. She should have fired me ages ago.

This could sort of be a segue into why I love Adobe Illustrator but my brain is tired from the boring non-taxing day. So I’m going to opt out tonight, if you don’t mind. From what I’ve been hearing, you need more time to read all those other prolific nablopomo bloggers anyway. Long live the short post!

I almost forgot! I do have some exciting news. We got our new kitchen floor installed (that’s why I’m in the sticks, to avoid the construction) and it is UGLY! I’ll take pictures when I get back but from what I hear from Toby they are parquet squares that look like a dance floor. Dark wood, fake, ugly… the whole bit. They make our cabinets look ugly, they make our ugly carpet look uglier… I guess they are just downright awful. Toby is very picky about these things and does tend to be oversensitive to colors etc. but on this one, I believe him. Our landlady has a remarkable ability to choose building materials that make a reasonably cute apartment look like trailer trash.

SO! You say, this is bad news! This is horrible! What are you going to do? Set up a smoke machine and a deejay at the breakfast bar? Two turntables and a microphone… Wouldn’t that be cool? Doesn’t everyone want a dance floor in their kitchen?

Maybe not. Toby hates the floor so much he is actually considering letting me “shop” for new flooring for the kitchen and the living room and we will finally, after all these years of loathing, GET RID OF THE CARPET FROM HELL!!!! This is not for sure but it has been mentioned by Toby, who is the boss of these things.

And that, my friend, is enough to put a skip in my step for at least a week.


  • familymclean

    I feel your pain! I have parquet too, the real stuff and some fake too. I hated it when we bought the house, but the color—that is all, has grown on me. In the living room we have fake wood look laminante, ugh. We have so much work to do here too.

  • Anny

    You should get those cute little square carpet tiles, so that when you move, you can pack them up and take them with you!

    There’s a variety of companies, but this one has really cute designs!

  • Alissa

    I LOVE real parquet flooring but probably not in the kitchen. I’m sure it is more appropriate in a house like mine (Victorian) than a California beach house like yours. Wouldn’t it be soo cool to get new flooring especially a replacement to the carpet that you dislike so much.

  • nicole

    Those socks are so 80’s.

    SAJ says: How did you know!! Just kidding. Yes, they are. Probably 1987 to be exact since I snagged them from my mom’s drawer. But I would totally wear 80’s socks even if they came from my drawer.

  • DeeJay

    It’s always fun to beautify your home with your choice of materials. I could go on for days about the ugliness that was my house for a few years, but it is so much better now. yay!

  • Spandrel Studios

    “Nothing Exciting Day”? Hey, any day that a husband makes a remark about potentially maybe considering getting replacement flooring for a carpet that has made your heart sink every time you walk into the room? That’s “Cause for Celebration Day!”

    Also, glad you no longer have a tiger trap in the kitchen.

  • JennyCno3

    Hello! I can’t wait for the “why I love Adobe Illustrator” blog to be posted … ! I’ve just started using it and am still lookin’ for the love in the program.

    Everyone time I sit in front of my PC to start working with Adobe I think “SAJ likes it so it can’t be bad!” ….

    By the way, I love your posts! You’re a funny gal and baby bug is so cute! Keep up the good work!

  • Susan

    Landlords never have any sense of style when it comes to these type situations…I love when my man suggests searching for new things…take it and run! =) Hope you get a floor that you love!

  • witchypoo

    I would be willing to put up with the ugliness that is parquet (at least it’s a hard surface) and totally throw my money at getting rid of that evil carpet. Carpet is unsanitary, and with critters in the house, often smells that way too. I don’t even have carpet in the bedrooms, allergic, y’know.
    But the socks? I had socks like that too. *waves to SAJ’s mom*

  • Bernadette

    I have always wanted a dance floor in my kitchen. But then I want a dance floor pretty much everywhere. There’s nothing more irritating than starting to try out that kicky new footwork and suddenly realizing that the reason your feet aren’t doing what they should is because the sticky floor (and by this I mean carpet, not accumulations of food spills, although on occasion I have those too) is stopping them. But then, I’ve always known I’m odd.

  • andrea

    New floor would be so fun, We need to replace the carpet upstairs in our house, it is now green and doesn’t go with anything, but I can’t quite convince my husband that it is a priority above re-doing a kitchen and bath. So ugly green carpet I’ll have to live with for a while longer. Have fun floor shopping!

  • Angella

    Hooray for new floors! Carpet is sick. And gross. Wait until you pull it up and see what’s underneath.

    Except now maybe you’ll be afraid to do so ;)

  • pinky

    are those your feet, or BB’s? I am confused, but then again, I am on vicodin following an ugly root canal, so that isn’t saying much :-)

  • margalit

    Landlords don’t care about style. They care about CHEAP. I’d bet anything she got that floor someplace like a railroad salvage shop or biglots or something like that and it was the cheapest floor she could find. If you can figure out a way to cover it up, do it. Nothing like a depressingly ugly floor to make your life drag. You should have SEEN the ugliness in our huge but horrible kitchen in our old house. It was so bad I just can’t even describe it. Let’s just say Yellow Beige and Turquose do not a pretty floor make.

    Look at Pergo. You can take it with you. That’s what they do in the Netherlands. You rent an apartment sans floor, just with cement, and then you put in your own floor. It’s weird, but it works!

    Oh, and I have the same Converse All Stars. Pink and black low tops. Cool!