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Day Five: Meet my Stalker Day

11/5 "Meeting my Stalker" Shoes

I got to meet my stalker today. She hates being called that because, really, she is anything but. I love to call her that because I am an imp and I only mean it affectionately. It’s really great to have a stalker like Bethany Actually. She writes really sweet comments on nearly all my flickr pictures, sends me thoughtful and helpful emails and even sends me packages! She makes me feel like I’m Britney Spears with my own fan club.

bethany actually!

So anyway Bethany had some family to visit near the sticks so we set up a meeting. It’s always a little scary meeting someone in person for the first time after you’ve had long conversations until the wee hours of the morning on instant messenger. All sorts of insecure thoughts go through your head like, will she like me when she realizes that I talk like a mouse? Will she regret booking a motel to visit me for a whole day at the beach when she finds out I have a kid who likes to run around crazy in restaurants? What if we don’t have anything to talk about. (HA! Like that would ever happen.) Silly stuff like that…

I have some experience meeting internet friends and I can say that all my meetings have all gone very well. Really, they should when you think about it. Compared to how we usually make friends, by bumping into them or sitting behind them in class etc…, the internet is a pretty good filter. You meet and find people who have similar interests. One link leads to another and next thing you know you are involved in a robust community of goofballs just like yourself.

goofballs take 3

I love the internet. I hope I meet every single one of you someday. (Except maybe, you, Mr. Weirdo Foot Fettish Guy)


  • sizzle

    i have had great blogger meet up experiences too. it’s so fun to meet in person (after the initial internal freak out- i feel you on that). so glad it went well!

  • Jenna

    I love meeting my online friends. So far, all of mine have gone well, too! (That said, I met my Husband online on a small blogging site in 2001 so… yeah. I’m all for online friend meet-ups!)

  • andrea

    I have had great luck meeting blogger friends so far. I agree that there is always that initial freak out, but so far I’ve met really great folks. I am a little jealous, I kind of want an internet stalker like Bethany; she seems very sweet, and has a great blog too!

  • familymclean

    I have only ever met one internet friend so far and it was through you. And it went great! A meeting of fellow saj commenters. I hope to contine meeting my net friends too. What fun!

  • falwyn

    Aw, y’all are adorable. Yay for meeting online friends! Boo for living far away. How I love you, hateful Internet, for introducing me to kindred souls who live too far away. Or is it, hate you, lovely Internet? I can never tell. ;)

  • Alissa

    That’s so cool :) I’ve met people that I ‘know’ from a couple of forums and our shared interest has ensured we have something in common. I don’t think I’ve heard about the Mr. Foot Fetish Guy – are you going to do a post about that too.

  • Katherine

    Blogging friends are great, I have several and even though you might be a bit nervous before meeting them, you’re right about already having filtered them out. Plus I met my boyfriend through blogging and we’ve been together for 2 1/2 years now!

  • lynne

    I hope this doesn’t sound stalkerish but I actually dreamt about you and Baby Bug last night! You were very nice and Bug was cute, can’t remember what we talked about though.

  • Angella

    Fun, fun, fun!! I have only had good experiences when meeting the Internets.

    You. Me. BlogHer ’08. You better be there, or I’ll be doing some stalking of my own ;)

  • DeeJay

    That’s so awesome that you are still building up wonderful friendships that will last a lifetime!

    Mr. Foot fetish guy came to my blog a long time ago and commented on a video that I made where my dog was playing with my feet.

    Perv that guy is.

  • Jen O.

    I was a stalker once. I read my (now) BFF’s blog (www.durhamregionbaby.com) for a while, commented, we started exchanging emails, we met, and the rest is BFF history!

    Sometimes having a stalker is a good thing! Not usually, but sometimes.

  • OMSH

    The foot fettish guy bugs you too?! And here I thought I was the only one.

    You guys make my heart squeal and cry all at the same time.


    Love the photos – even as they taunt me.

  • Michelle

    There is a foot fetish guy stalking you? Double ewww! Remember that SITC episode where the shoe salesman guy gave Charlotte all of the expensive new shoes if she would let him help her try the shoes on? Anyhoo…great pictures and adorable post! Who is the mommy in the pic with you SAJ, and Bethany? You’re all so stinkin’ cute!!

    SAJ says: That’s CC! I’m sorry! I assumed everyone knew my sister-in-law, Heather aka “Comfortably Crazy!”

  • BeachMama

    OH look at you guys! You all look wonderful and it would appear you are having a fabulous time. I love meeting my internet friends and definately hope to add you to the list in the future :).

    Although Fall has just begun here and has been fabulously warm considering, I am totally jealous of your short sleeves.

  • Erin

    Are you serious about the foot fetish guy? Cuz…um…I blocked one on flickr – he liked my ballet flats and it skeezed me out! It’s amazing what turn people on.

    Just wanted to pop by and say I love your hair – the flip you’re sporting in these pictures is darling!

    Perhaps I, too, one day will develop a following on my little blog. Hee…doubtful. I don’t have the adorable BB to talk about! I think my pups would just eat a green crayon. Not nearly as interesting! If I lived on your coast instead of mine I’d be sure to meet up with ya – Goofballs unite!

  • Nila

    From stalker to friend. That’s what’s so great about the internets. I have yet to meet a blog friend, not that I have many, but it would be fun.

  • amy

    geographical fate
    lerv it
    i would be friends with so many women on this blogoshere if we could teleport
    love that you got to meet each other :)