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Day Four: Letter Day!

out in the sticks shoes

Today is a Letter Day! Hooray! But first, the shoe picture of course. We have to lead all November posts with a picture of shoes because I am a lemming and I join just about every club/group/pool that I am invited to. I just can’t help it. I’m making up for my paralyzing shyness during high school.

I would write more about that but I have to post this before midnight or else I will lose my nablopomo status and turn into a pumpkin! Onward with the letters! Tick Tick Tick…it’s almost midnight!

U is for Underwear!

U is for Underwear! Who would have guessed! I was going to do unicorn or umbrella but couldn’t make up my mind. So I asked the nearest three-year old (not Baby Bug, she was asleep) and guess what she said? Underwear!

V is for Volkswagen

So there you have it. Since U was so girly, I did Volkswagen for V. I know it’s a brand but how can you not love a Volkswagen? They are the cutest cars ever! (Not counting if you are a mechanic, of course. My brother, the mechanic, hates Volkswagens).

Also, I cheated. This is an old illustration I am re-using. Why? Because I can! Unlike everyone else, I own the rights to my illustrations and can re-use them until the end of time! Phew! Good thing. Cause I got nothing else.

Get your letters here!


  • Kuky

    Hee hee hee! U for underwear. So unexpected! I love it. And yes Volkswagens are cute but I’m with your brother on the hate. We used to own a brand spankin’ new one and grew to hate it with a passion. I think the final straw before we got rid of it was a cold three hour drive down from Reno. One of windows would not close. It was a miserable long drive home. But I still think they’re cute!

  • Michelle

    Cute undies! I used to have a Jetta too, Katie! A stick shift, with a sun roof – back in my just out of college days :o) The time changed here too, SAJ…an extra hour of sleep was nice . I wish we could have like an extra two hours of sleep :o)zzzzzz

  • BeachMama

    I love that you can make me laugh with a photo and a couple of illos. Nothing says Monday morning (well I know you posted this Sunday night, but it was 3am for me and I was fast asleep for once) like cute shoes, underwear and Volkswagons, love it :).

    And yes, VW’s may be difficult to fix, but go on and on and on until all that is left is a gas pedal a steering wheel and a seat.

  • witchypoo

    I’m glad you signed up for the shoe thing. You have the most interesting shoes.
    Of course, you have to note the source. I have a pair of flip-flops that light up when I walk or jiggle them. They make me happy when I look at my feet.

  • andrea

    U is for underwear is my favorite letter so far. I love that you aren’t doing the typical words associated with the letters, it keeps thing fun!

  • DeeJay

    Loving the updated header! U for underwear is da’bomb! You’d never see it in a classroom because some perv would like that a little too much, but it’s super coolio here. My husband, who USED to fix his own cars won’t even think about us having a VW because of the same thing…hard to fix. I have always wanted a bug and when they came out with that new one after it being gone for so long I really wanted one. Oh well.

    Hope you have a wonderful day and that you get the most beautiful kitchen floor evah!

  • mamasgotmoxie

    u for underwear is hilarious! i don’t know if my 2-year-old son will be able to wrap his little mind around pink undies with a smiling face complete with lipstick, but i guess it’s worth a shot!! hahaha..

  • OMSH

    Like Bethany, I was going to comment that it was funny Neil was the first to respond to the undies. SEND THE MAN AN UNDIES CARD. He needs it.

    Overheard at the Apple store.

    “I like this monitor.”

    “I do too”

    “This monitor is huge.”


    “No really … HUGE”

    “Stop talking about me and pay attention to the monitor.”

    MEN ARE FOREVER PROUD OF THEIR PACKAGES … even when speaking about monitors.
    And yes, I realize this is a comment, not a post – forgive me please, but I’m AT the Apple store and catching up on blogs.

  • bluejaye

    Please, don’t tell me you have 30 pairs of shoes!!!! If I joined this group I’d be done by Saturday.

    Love the undies. I called them panties until Brion said, “Boys don’t wear PANTIES.”
    Then we started saying underwear.

  • Lori

    but don’t you think you should do a tighty-whitie version for the boys who will be icked out by girl underwear on their “u” card?? ;^)

  • familymclean

    Ha, ha love the cards! My sis has a VW bug and loves it to death. And….has converted the rest of the family over to the bug love. However I am hooked on my big gas pig of an SUV till the kid thing is done. I sooooo love the room….and we just won’t talk about the gas part.

  • Margie

    I don’t think I could come up with a month’s worth of shoes, either, but I like looking at all the entries in NaBloShoeMo. Some people have been really clever with their shoe shots (like SAJ ;) )!

    Are you registered with NaBloPoMo? I’m trying to do it because I’m a newbie blogger and need the practise. If you’re on there, I’m

  • eticket

    I wanted to read what Mr Weirdo Foot Fetish Guy wrote, for the comedy value but now I’m wondering about the wisdom in putting undies on the page with people like that out there. Eeeeeew.

  • Heidi

    I lurve the V… first vehicle I ever bought was a VW Van….love it, love it, miss it even more!!! Her name was Sera…..she was very sweet….