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I is for Ice Cream but what is J for?

I is for Ice Cream!

The letter “I” was easy. Ice Cream! Baby Bug must point at our big red refrigerator about a thousand times a day and say, “I-keam?”

But “J” has got me stumped. I know, stumped already whatever am I going to do when I get to “Q” and “X”? Well, ask you guys of course. I wanted to illustrate “J is for Jump” but it needs to be something more than just the letter “J” jumping. I was thinking jelly bean or jaybird but I’m not sure. I’m not too keen to introduce yet another sweet to the collection as they are already becoming a problem and Baby Bug doesn’t even know what jaybird is yet. We don’t have them here. At least I don’t think so. Maybe I’m thinking of the bluejay. Hmm… not sure.

Anybody have a good “J” subject? I’m all ears. I’ll put up the downloadable pdf when I have a J card. Coming soon… I hope.


  • Margie

    Aw, juice was my first thought, too. Glad to see I’m in such good company. Although illustrating it? Not as obvious, I suppose, because you’d have to use a glass, or else maybe show drops of juice dripping off a piece of fruit? Which makes jar a better choice. Good thinking, sue! Love the idea of showing j-things inside a jar, like jam, jelly-beans, maybe even juice!

    Of course, “J” is easy in our house, with “Joel” and a “Jay!” (The former is my son, and the latter is my husband’s middle name ;) ).

  • Jet'set

    Oops!!! HI!
    Saw your page on GoodyBlog… Love your workings….
    ‘J’ is for JET!
    My son’s name is Jet… Had to throw my hat in the ring!!!

  • C

    Is it bad that I thought Xbox for X? :0) What about X-ray?

    I like Jellyfish and Jam (but would jam in a jar be confusing?).

  • Gramma

    Q is for Queen and Quilt. O is for Orange and Ostrich. Z is for Zipper. Y is for yarn. V is for violin. N is for nail. W is for watermelon. R is for rainbow and ring. U is for umbrella.

  • MommyK

    I just want to say thank you for sharing your creativeness (I so know that is not a word but what came out when I looked at your prints!)!!!! THANK YOU!!!! I am going to pass along to all of my friends.


  • longlegs

    johnny, juice, jello, jewelry, junk, jogging,jumping, jets, jokes, jam, jelly, jugs, jarmeny, jitsu, jumbos(as in elephants), june, july, jelly donuts, jelly beans and january(the b-day month)

  • Long Beach Crew

    Wow, Brenda, haven’t been on your blog for a while and how impressed was I with your alphabet cards….where can I buy them (I see cards, posters, t-shirts, wrapping paper)!! Very cool; I will be downloading them.

    Also, we plan on packing up the kids to come to the doggie art show, can’t wait. You are going to be awesome!

    How about a Jelly Fish jumping or a jet plane (at M’s age he likes a word that qualifies a word that he already knows.

    See you soon.

    K, V & M