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    place holder post

    wheely bug has so much character

    Hi! This is a place holder post. Don’t read me. Come back later.

    Why even bother posting, you ask? Because I desperately want to roll off my “I’m so tired all the time” post. But I’m still “so tired”. And I’m getting very pissed off about it. Having your *free* time at night is not a good thing for a morning person.

    I’m sitting here on my bed in our bedroom and the cat is insisting on rubbing her head on my laptop. I’m so tired of being tired, and my inability to write a decent blog post after 10 pm, that I kicked the cat. Her purring was bugging me. My mood is that bad. (Don’t worry. Cat is fine. It didn’t even phase her.)

    I promised myself only one whiney blog post at a time so I’m going to wrap this up with a rain check. So here we go: We know you have a choice when you fly the friendly skies and we thank for choosing SAJ even when you get crappy service. Please come back later. Goodbye.