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I is for Ice Cream but what is J for?

I is for Ice Cream!

The letter “I” was easy. Ice Cream! Baby Bug must point at our big red refrigerator about a thousand times a day and say, “I-keam?”

But “J” has got me stumped. I know, stumped already whatever am I going to do when I get to “Q” and “X”? Well, ask you guys of course. I wanted to illustrate “J is for Jump” but it needs to be something more than just the letter “J” jumping. I was thinking jelly bean or jaybird but I’m not sure. I’m not too keen to introduce yet another sweet to the collection as they are already becoming a problem and Baby Bug doesn’t even know what jaybird is yet. We don’t have them here. At least I don’t think so. Maybe I’m thinking of the bluejay. Hmm… not sure.

Anybody have a good “J” subject? I’m all ears. I’ll put up the downloadable pdf when I have a J card. Coming soon… I hope.


  • Christie

    Juice! My kiddos would definitely say J is for Juice – although Juggle could be cute too!

    These are fantastic, I can’t wait to see what you come up with! :)

    SAJ says: Juice of course! Why didn’t I think of that. However, I am getting a very good visual for jelly fish mentioned down below…

  • Lexi

    I was also thinking juice. Jelly bean is good if she know what those are…or jelly?
    Q could be queen baby-bug….or queen bee….or quicksand….lol
    Xylophone is the only X word I can think of….or X-ray? I thought it was funny when I bought the little people alphabet zoo and the animal for x is “x-ray fish”…

  • ioi

    My first thought was ‘Juice’, and it’s already been suggested. You could consider ‘Jell-O’ too.

  • michelle

    How about Jack-in-the-box … the toy, not the fast food place!!

    SAJ says: oooh. I like that one too.

  • Neil

    I think maybe you were thinking of “jailbird” when you were thinking of jaybird, but I’m not sure that is something you want to teach at an early age.

    SAJ says: Heh. Well she’s gotta learn sooner or later so she can come visit me after I attack the neighbor’s gardener with his own leaf blower.

  • Jlynne

    I second the suggestion for “Jack-o-lantern” since Halloween is coming up. :)

    Other “J” suggestions

    *Jump Rope*

    SAJ says: When I do the big people version (it could happen) I think J will be for Java for sure.

  • snarflemarfle

    Wow! You are quite talented! I’ve hopped over here from the GoodyBlog to look at your alphabet cards. I can’t wait to see what else you come up with!

    And I’m thinking your 18 month old is way more advanced than my 18 month old…who doesn’t say more than about 6 words (and even then they just about all sound like “da da”).

    Happy to have found your blog!

    SAJ says: She’s actually 19 months now, as of the 17th. But I read everywhere that these sorts of things are all over the place. Some kids learn letters early, some late and then they grow up to be spelling bee whizzes.

  • BeachMama

    In our house “J” would definately stand for Juice as that is the most popular drink in the house. Totally fruit/veggie juice though, that how he gets his all his requirements every day.

  • silver

    * jump rope
    * jaguar (I have some baby clothes with animals and their name on it–one is a jaguar)
    * jingle bells
    * jacket
    * jeans
    * jeep
    * jellyfish
    * jogging stroller
    * juggling (or juggler)
    * jungle

    queen and xylophone? Those are letters harder…

    SAJ says: We do like “Jeep” around here. “Sheeps in a Jeep is our FAVORITE bedtime book. This is getting hard!

  • Jenifer

    I vote for all the jams and jellies but I also think it’s for JENIFER! I am biased, after all.

    SAJ says: Hee hee. And that would be Jenifer with one n, right?

  • nikkapotamus

    I’m putting my vote in for “juice” as well. The 2 year old who lives here likes her appa-juice every morning. And well, if we’re going for what the kids know…then it’s definitely juice.

    Although jump is big here too. But that’s a toughie to illustrate.

  • emily

    I “jumped” over here from ParentDish and am so happy to have found you. Your letters are awesome – thanks!

    You’ve got lots of great J suggestions, but how about:

    jigsaw puzzle
    jet (airplane)
    jazz (represented by a dancer or an instrument)

    Okay now my brain hurts. Look forward to seeing the rest of your alphabet!

    PS – Baby Bug is so freakin’ cute!

  • ~aj~

    I’m also leaning towards jammies, but some people may not like it since technically it’s not a real word. My other favorites are jack-o-lantern and jump. Good luck deciding!

  • Beth

    Oh my goodness, what great J words! I was thinking J is for Jack-o-lantern — but definitely a happy jack-o-lantern, not scary. I think jellyfish would rock too. My other favorite on the list above is jingle bells. HOW STINKING CUTE! :) I’m very glad Goodyblog linked to you! I’ll be sharing these cards with my pre-school story time at my library, if that’s ok with you. Please say yes! :)

    SAJ says: Yes! Share! How fun! The only thing I might have a problem with (and it won’t be very easy for me to track down so I might be the loser in this case) is if someone uses this art and resells it. Hopefully the stealer types aren’t into letters. But sharing is fun and that’s what I’m trying to teach Baby Bug so I might as well be a good example. :)

  • Caroline

    Hmm. I don’t think Jogbra would be very good.

    Jacks? (As in the toy and not a bunch of Kennedys.)

    Jump? Jewelry? In New England, J might be for jacket, but probably a lot less so in CA!

    Of course, there’s Joy, but that can be a hard concept to illustrate for a toddler!


  • Nicole

    Jellyfish. Jam. Jello. Jammies. Juice. Jungle.
    Joy! Jump! A jumping jellyfish drinking juice in his jammies!

  • Keri

    Thank you goodyblog for linking here!! The first thing that came to my mind was jack in the box :) Love the cards!!!

  • Shelly

    De lurking to suggest–Juggle, Juice, Jack in the Box, Jaguar, Jam! These are so awesome. Thanks for sharing.

  • Michelle Valadez

    I just found this blog completely by accident. How cute!! You are so creative. Love the alphabet cards and the playdate cards. Thank you so much for sharing. Good luck with the remainder of the alphabet. I wish I had some cool ideas but I’m fresh out of my creative spark this week :(

  • Amanda

    I was going to say Jack-in-the-box, but I think I like jellyfish much better. As for X, how about xanadu, haha! And for Q, Q-tip, quarter, or queen.

  • Lynbo

    JUNGLE! You can have little vines hanging from the J and maybe a monkey. Jack in the box coming out the top of the J? Just some thoughts.

  • Smitty

    I vote for Jump Rope. I like the idea of jumping. My niece loves anything kinetic. Or you can confuse everyone and go with Jodphurs. That’s kind of fun, too! Love your art!

    Oh, wait! What about Jewelry? Every little kid I know loves mommy’s jewelry.

  • Brenda

    I am jealous of your talent! Your flashcards are amazing! As for J suggestions:
    – jade
    – jet
    – jete (though I can’t picture how you’d show a leaping J)
    – jeans

    I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

  • Gramma

    The cards I used for my grandchildren had (J) for jacks and jar; (K) for kite and keys; (S) for sun and soap; (I) for igloo; (Y) for yo-yo; (T) for tent and tuger. Keep up the good work.