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    The Big Art Show Night

    party dog

    You’ve probably already heard from the wonders of twitter that the big art show was a whole lotta fun. It was a whirlwind of activity for me. I’m still trying to sort it out into some kind of cohesive story that will capture what it was really like.

    It wasn’t huge. It wasn’t some grand debut on the art scene. There weren’t people were asking for my autograph or writing up articles for the scene and be seen magazines… but it was REAL. It was genuine. It was a combination of so many of my friends who really love me and GET me and a bunch of dog people who were besides themselves happy to have a party with art for their dogs. It was a bunch of happy people.

    I loved the accordion player

    When you get down to it. Isn’t that the kind of party you really want to be at anyway? It was really fun. I think I loved the accordion music the best. It reminded me of walking along the Seine in Paris, licking a passion fruit ice cream cone. Toby said the music jammed his frequencies but for me it was a few hours of being that silly happy Parisian girl again enjoying the wonder of a warm summer night. It was wonderful.

    even whoorl bought a painting!

    The paintings sold pretty well. Some of my loyal fans rushed in early and swooped up their favorites so I felt all special and stuff. Man, you guys are the BEST and I know my funny paintings will be loved in your homes. The other artists had really great work and if they weren’t so nice and constantly telling me to get over myself, I would have probably had a huge inferiority complex. Thankfully, I did not have any time to whine and worry about such things because it was a busy busy night of talking to all sorts of old friends and new friends, furry and not so furry.

    Did you see everybody who came? Lots of bloggers. It was like a little mini so-cal blogher except not just for her. (thinking of you Mr. BlogHim). Some lovely bloggers I didn’t get photos of and I’m kicking myself. And some other lovely bloggers got there while I was busy getting ready in my new magic dress and being fashionably late. Thank you for the champagne mip mup! I’m sad I missed you!

    I was a terrible photographer all night because I was so distracted and scatterbrained. I think I talked everybody’s ear off. And if I wasn’t blabbing excitedly, I was exiting with Baby Bug because she needed some one-on-one time with her mom. She was really good most of the night but she did have a few crying jags when people came up to her too quickly or tried to take her away from me. She is such a mama’s girl. But then what do I expect, we hang out together every day all day.

    Everybody else took pictures so I’m hoping they email them to me or send me links and I can post them here. I tried to capture the fun of the night but… well I already explained that. I was a little stretched. Toby tried too but he was number-one baby watcher and Baby Bug kept him running from one side of the gallery to the other.

    SuperChic and her favorite puppy

    Her cousin SuperChic was there, who is four, and they are best friends. Best friends who like to run around and chase each other. If they weren’t chasing each other they were chasing the many dogs who came as guests. How cute is that? The dogs were very well behaved and my brother even adopted one.

    All in all it was a really sweet event.

    me and bug in the outdoor garden

    Kinda like Baby Bug and pupcakes.

    Lori made the cupcakes, I iced them...

    Kelly uploaded his pictures from the show and two movies!