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    back in the groove

    we vacuum together

    Today was SUCH a better day. Thank you for all your kind comments. I don’t think I so much needed more sleep as I just need to time my caffeine fixes better. I could and should make a chart for myself, mapping out the direct relation between my coffee intake and energy level. I was crashing pretty hard these last two nights. No wonder I couldn’t eeek out a decent blog post.

    prepping her own hands

    It also helps that I managed to take some decent pictures today. I’m such a weak writer lately. I really rely on my photos and illustrations (which are waxing farther and farther apart because they just take too much time) to get me through a post. I would give myself a guilt trip about it but I’ve been exercised lately not to take blogging so seriously.

    Today was a fun day because Baby Bug painted today. She wasn’t supposed to but I accidentally left a container of paint open in her reach. ( I knew it was going to happen one of these days) I thought I was in big trouble but amazingly I managed to guide her paint smudged hand to the back of my big white dog painting and she painted a pretty picture for me. She was sooooo happy.

    someday she's going to be a famous artist

    It was really fun for both of us. We didn’t even get any paint on anything. How I managed to get the camera and keep her fingers off the patio furniture, I do not know.