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    lower case makes the case!

    little a is for little apples!

    It has been brought to my attention (by several informed readers) that kids these days need to learn their lower case letters first. This make sense, since that’s how you learn to read. SO I am interrupting our regularly scheduled sense of ORDER and am throwing organization to the wind for the sake of the children!

    I know, I know, this is tricky. What do we do with the new little cards? How do we back them up to the big letters? If I stick my paper in my printer will “b” print on “a” and “a” print on “b”? Probably. So here’s what I suggest: print them on separate sheets of paper, cut them out and glue them back to back old school style.

    I’m sorry. I realize, as a busy parent myself, that this is way too much mess and fuss for somebody who can barely keep the laundry done. But this is just how it’s going to have to be because I am not ready to be making my templates perfect for all printers across the country so that one side can back up perfectly to the other. I do feel bad, I do. But give it a go with the scissors. It’s for the children.

    Or you can wait until I have them professionally printed (sometime next year when my credit card recuperates from the dog eat dog summer) and you can buy them all done for you in a nice little box on shiny card stock from my shop!

    little b is for little bugs!

    In the meantime, wave those scissors in air like you just don’t care! We love smart kids!

    Download ’em here. Oh no! You missed the free download. Stay tuned though. They will be for sale in my shop some day.