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J is for Jellyfish!

J is for Jellyfish

Wow. I don’t think I got this many responses even when Baby Bug was born. Maybe I should ask for input more often. Or maybe I should buddy up with thingamababy and parentdish and goodyblog more often. Thanks guys! My stats are through the roof. Well, relatively speaking anyway. I guess free stuff is always a draw.

After looking through everybody’s wonderful comments and weighing what I would like to illustrate and what I think Baby Bug might be into, I decided on Jellyfish. Jellyfish are so pretty! Have you seen the pictures?

I didn’t realize a jellyfish would be so hard to draw though. Do jellyfish have eyes and if so, how many? I did a little research and came back thoroughly confused. That is why I am an hack-artist and not a scientist. I can’t be bothered with being exactly correct. So I hope you don’t mind my bit of poetic license and only making two eyes. I tried it with eight and they just looked like a bobble necklace.

If you have a problem with the jellyfish’s anatomically incorrectness, you can just call it a reason to bring up the discussion with your child. Who knows, they might grow up to be a marine biologist because of it.

And with that, I give you I and J for your downloading pleasure! Oh no! You missed the free download. Stay tuned though. They will be for sale in my shop some day.


  • BeachMama

    I love the jellyfish! Bah two eyes or eight, the kids will probobly understand two better. Congrats on the stat kicker, must have been fun yesterday to watch everyone popping in with an idea.

  • Jenna

    I think it’s just perfect. Works well for us since we were discussing jellyfish at the beach last week. (mmm, i miss vacation…)

  • monique

    i LOVE it! i don’t think you could have done any better! even though it’s technically a blob, you’ve given it a personality! i love that about all your work, everything has such a fun personality!

  • heide

    I almost can not stand how cute that jellyfish is. So glad I found you through goodyblog, and will certainly be printing these out for my daughter (read: ME) to enjoy. Right now all she does is crumple and lick papery things, but I guess I can always print out more… Or maybe after I glue them babck-to back I’ll laminate them. Fancy!