one more thing, since I’m here

sleeping anywhere but in the crib

You know how I said, every day we have all these other things to do like family and situations that are bigger than us? Today we spent nap time in the stroller while Toby had surgery. Toby had four wisdom teeth pulled and two biopsies done on some mystery white spots in the back of his mouth. It wasn’t pretty.

Toby, minus four teeth

It’s over now and he’s dealing with the gauze, numb lips and bloody mouth and all that crappiness (I remember, I had eight baby teeth pulled when I was twelve) that goes along with mouth surgery. I’m proud to say that I’m making him delicious milk shakes. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream with a packet of instant breakfast for extra calories. Yum. I’m an expert at making milkshakes. I had to be. I had braces for four years and my mom liked to cook with round steak.