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You know how I said, every day we have all these other things to do like family and situations that are bigger than us? Today we spent nap time in the stroller while Toby had surgery. Toby had four wisdom teeth pulled and two biopsies done on some mystery white spots in the back of his mouth. It wasn’t pretty.

Toby, minus four teeth

It’s over now and he’s dealing with the gauze, numb lips and bloody mouth and all that crappiness (I remember, I had eight baby teeth pulled when I was twelve) that goes along with mouth surgery. I’m proud to say that I’m making him delicious milk shakes. Peanut butter and chocolate ice cream with a packet of instant breakfast for extra calories. Yum. I’m an expert at making milkshakes. I had to be. I had braces for four years and my mom liked to cook with round steak.


  • andrea

    Hope Toby feels better soon. I might have to go and make myself a milkshake right now, that looks so good!

    Baby Bug looks so much like Toby these days. Maybe it is the chubby cheeks they are both sporting : )

  • laughing mommy

    Wow! I had 10 teeth pulled when I was around that age too. I’ve never heard of anyone else who did. I also had braces for over 4 years. We must have similar dental issues.

    I had baby teeth that didn’t want to come out, and permanent teeth that didn’t want to come in. (If you had the same problem, did you have to have that horrible surgery to coax the permanent teeth to come in?)

    SAJ says: I had baby teeth that wouldn’t fall out naturally too. They all smashed in together. My nickname back then was “snaggle tooth”. I don’t think I had that surgery though. But I’m not sure, all those awful dental experiences sort of blended into one big nightmare memory for me. Remember those plastic mouth opener things they’d pull back your cheeks with for what seemed like hours? And then they’d ask you complicated questions like, “what did you get for Christmas” and you didn’t celebrate christmas but there was no way in hell you could explain that while somebody’s rubber-gloved hand was in your mouth…. oh the memories. But I’m thankful, life would have been a lot more difficult for me if my parent’s had let me be.

  • Clownfish

    Hang tough Super Dad and heal fast! I had a shake for dinner tonight or I guess smoothy. Non-fat milk, a yogurt, banana, frozen blueberries, protien powder and ice. It was tasty but not half as tasty as what you’re chugging!

  • Jennifer

    I hope Toby heals quickly. Mouth pain is the worst. An Ex of mine had major jaw surgery when we were dating and he had to be on a liquid diet for about a month. All liquid diets are sweet and he was getting sick of it. We decided to try to make “Pizza in a Blender” with pizza and tomato soup. I wouldn’t suggest that recipe :P

  • Carrie

    Poor Toby! I hope he heals up fast. My dentist is after me to have mine out and I am very hesitant since they aren’t bothering me.

  • BeachMama

    Wow, all four wisdom teeth! Not that this hasn’t been done before, but when you have had them for a while the surgery is so much more difficult. I hope Toby heals up quickly and enjoys those shakes. I could use one right now, but I have to get some groceries first. Maybe I will add the ingredients to my list :).

    And BB looks just adorable napping in the stroller in her high tops.

  • irish mistery

    Poor guy…it’s hard to have teeth pulled as an adult! PS, can’t help but notice the cute little converse sneakers on Baby Bug….Hope Toby has a speedy recovery

  • Sue

    Ouch! Hope he is feeling better soon. Getting my wisdom teeth out was the worst pain I’d ever felt in my life, including 3 c-sections. Hope his recovery goes much, much better…

  • pinky

    I ate a LOT of pudding when I had my impacted wisdom teeth out (all four – oh yeah) – soooo much pudding.

    I was looking back through your pregnancy entries and saw the one where you bought those shoes – October 24th, 2005! You’ve been holding on to those sweet little Converse a long time! I always wonder how mothers know when to put the too-big things into rotation without skipping right past. Because I know when you have a baby people give you things in all sorts of random sizes.

  • Jennie

    I think I only lost one of my baby teeth at home – the rest were pulled by the dentist – Yuck! My roots are so long that the teeth didn’t even fit in those cute little plastic treasure chests they give you to put your teeth in.

    I hope Toby feels better soon.

  • Bethany

    Ouch, having wisdom teeth pulled is no fun. I hope you are all healed up soon, Toby!

    SAJ, I had the same thing with my teeth as a kid! The snaggletooth thing runs in my mom’s family, and that’s what they call it, too. (And this is the family that lives in Banning/Beaumont. Hmm, weird.) I had maybe nine or ten of my baby teeth pulled by the dentist, but I don’t remember it being traumatic. But I just had them pulled one or two at a time, and I never had surgery. The dentist just gave me a novocaine shot and then got the gripper things and then pulled the tooth out fairly painlessly and with a minimum of blood. Maybe he just managed to catch them at the right time?

  • nina

    OUch! Sending good thoughts your way for fast healing, lots of milkshake ingredients on hand and for darling sweet BB to give you some non fuss time.

    I remember those 18 month old days…it gets easier and easier, but just not quickly enough! She’s so dear, though- how lucky you are. I love her little high top shoes.

  • nikkapotamus

    good luck with the healing. I didn’t so much mind the chubby cheeks, but i hated, HATED not being able to feel my lips and having all my milkshakes and pudding drool down my chin because I couldn’t figure out how to close my said-numb-lips.

    oh, and then there was that bruised thing I had after. Where my cheeks were all green. try putting concealer over THAT mess!

    PS. BB-I LOVE the chucks!

  • bluejaye

    I had all four of my wisdom teeth out at the same time when I was 18. I was away at college and my parents came to take care of me.
    Get better soon.

  • OMSH

    Peanut Butter and Chocolate ice cream is my favorite. Toby is too lucky. Okay, so maybe not to have all that work done on his mouth, BUT THE SHAKES … I’d almost do it for the shakes.