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    Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce

    Joon could have her own cooking show so I decided to let her guest star on my blog. She’s a natural.
    Take it away Joon.


    This is my famous caramel sauce. Here is how you make it:


    First: get a plate. Second: get a waffle out of the freezer. Third: Put your waffle in your bread thingamajiggy/toaster.

    Step four: wait.

    Step five: get your syrup and whupt cream.

    Step six: do jumping jacks while you wait for the toaster. Pop! It’s done.


    Step seven: place everything nice and neatly like this.


    Step eight: you put the syrup on the side of your plate. Step nine: put the whupt cream on top of the syrup and waffle. Step ten: mix! (see top photo for visual)


    Step eleven: enjoy!

    Here is a video:

    Joon’s Famous Caramel Sauce from secretagentjo on Vimeo.

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    Printing BIG things


    Part of my new partnership with Metta Prints is that I get to make BIG things and take pictures of them for the website. The website is still in programming stages so I can’t really share that part (though I can share that it’s going to involve a user interface that lets you design your own creations—which is really cool). So I’ve been making BIG things and then carting them all over God’s green earth and photographing them.

    It’s not easy work! These things do NOT always fit in my tiny hatchback car. You should see me carrying a giant ampersand, a mermaid and two 3×3 foot monsters around on the top of my head, up and down streets when I forget my phone and I accidentally went to the wrong address, around and around parks when I got my dates mixed up with the family I was going to photograph. Good times!


    However, when I do get the BIG giant cardboard things to the right spot, they have made for some really cute photos! Aren’t Annika and her family cute! Props always make photo shoots more fun. Maybe if being a co-founder of an upstart doesn’t work out, I’ll moonlight as a portrait photographer.


    We also shot a little behind the scenes movie to explain how the giant cardboard things are made.

    (movie here until I figure out why my wp template is allergic to embedding movies)

    It’s fun hamming it up for movies. I think we might do more of these, if they don’t get too tired of me, of course. I need to hire a personal posture director.


    Anyway! Here are a few more things we’ve been making. Fold-up names that can be shipped in a box, stand-up people and photo-op walls… Let the good times roll!

    Which reminds me. I need to share how the big school festival went. It was super fun.