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The secret of being a bore…

DEC 17, 2009


…is to tell everything —Voltaire. But that’s not going to stop me of course.


1. I’m combatting my stiff neck by drinking less coffee. It’s just as dreadful as you’d think.
2. I sent my jumper material home with my mom. She’s more optimistic than I am.
3. When I say I need to de-clutter. I’m talking about the mess Bug and I make.
4. I sort of petered out on the last sketch… I meant to go back and draw more and color it in but then I forgot and now I’m over it.


  • Annika

    I love your jumper sketch. I may try to work out a simple pattern myself, and if it works I’ll let you know! I bet your mom will figure it out, though. She’s crafty.

  • Claire

    I woke up with a stiff neck all the time, until I started sleeping on one good pillow instead of two. It took some getting used to, but I felt better right away!

    By the way, I love the drawings.

  • ivy

    next time you’re in San Diego go to the artist and craftsman supply store… it’s only a few blocks from blick, it’s cheaper and they have way better stuff.

    SAJ says: Good to know! I might have to take a trip to downtown just to check it out!

  • Sarah

    It’s the tiny artistic details in your sketches that I love. Such as the simple lines that show you’re lying in the dark on the futon.

  • BeachMama

    You are a busy girl. J just asked if Bug had anymore videos to show us, in addition he wants to know if Christmas happens in California if you don’t get any snow. Apple just wants to know how the cats are :).

    Can you tell they are sitting beside me while I read your blog today, your photos are keeping Apple from crying her eyes out right now… THANK YOU!!!

    SAJ says: I would do a movie. I love making movies but my laptop is dying a slow death and can’t process the files. It’s a very sad thing.

  • Gramma

    I’m sure I used a similar pattern for your aunties Kathy, Janet Lee, Keren and Becky…AND I keep ALL patterns. You never know when you’ll need them, like right NOW. We keep them in a big file at the work room at Keren’s shop. Why don’t you check them out next time you come to the sticks. I used corduroy for winter and printed cotton/polyester blend for summer. The pattern is quick and EASY.

  • Long Story Longer

    I love the drawings. Every time I look at one I wish I could do that! How long do they take you?

    I’d change up the pillow situation, stat!


    SAJ says: Thank you (and thank you to everyone above too). The illos take about 10-15 minutes I think. I’ve never timed myself. I just sit with my cup of coffee and when the coffee is gone I’m just about done. And YES, I am fixing the pillow situation.

  • mandy

    I was looking for a jumper pattern like the one you drew just this fall and couldn’t find one either! Was too busy to make my own. If you ever find one, please post it!! p.s. LOVE the journal entries…the drawings are so fun!

  • Kuky

    Sorry I haven’t run across a PDF for a dress like that. I think I have an actual physical pattern but not an electronic one. And I’m loving your illos. Making me seriously want to draw daily again.

  • shawntelle p.

    Love, love your illos. They seem so very representative of you- honest, funny, self-effacing. Please keep doing them!

  • auntie keren

    um… cut out two sleeveless dresses with a back seam, sew them together @ the shoulders, then the arm holes and at the neck….turn inside out through the shoulder tunnel (back to front), sew side seams and last; the back seam. Voila! done it hundreds…