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    party girl

    NOV 30, 2009

    I guess they had fun at the party. I had a nice time staying home and blowing my nose.

    party collage 1

    I sent Toby off with my camera and his little pink-bomb princess. It nearly broke my heart to watch them walk off down the alley hand in hand without me. But I really needed to stay home and not spread my germs. I’m sure Bug is a germ-carrier but at least I didn’t have to be dripping with snot and obvious about it. Not that kid parties in the wintertime aren’t great big germ wonderlands anyway…

    party collage 2

    From what I hear, Bug was smitten with the birthday girl’s dad. Silly kid. I hope the dad didn’t mind all her hugs and kisses. She also told me all about the Princess Bounce House and declared that we should get a bounce house for her birthday party that is coming up in January.

    “Where should we put it?” I asked, wondering to myself where indeed we would put a bounce house since we have no yard. In the alley?

    “In the street.” she replied nonchalantly.

    I guess I could look into that. Do you think the city would let me blockade the alley next to our house for a kid’s birthday party? I wonder what kind of permit that would require. Wait a minute, I thought this was supposed to be the small party year?!! As in low key. I don’t think a block party would fit that description.

  • Eye Spy

    portable fireplace!


    Fire! Fire! If I had a more modern-styled house I might be tempted by these but then again if I had a modern-style house I would probably have enough money to have a REAL fireplace. Anyway, this is kind of cool and portable! Spied via Re-Nest.