Slow News Day,  the sticks

Some tomfoolery in The Sticks

spring in the sticks

It seems like every other day I’m writing something like, “we took a quick trip to the sticks” but I guess that’s the beauty of having your folks live only an hour and a half away and not being tied down to too many commitments. I might as well get in as many of these care-free trips as I can before I have to be a slave to the school schedule.

Lately, I’ve been wishing my parents lived down the street. It sure would be handy to have a willing babysitter just a few doors down. Or somebody to just drop in on when I don’t feel like cooking. That would be so fantastic.

posing next to a catus

But whatever! Life is good! I live at the beach, I don’t get to complain! So this is me shutting up and being thankful.

Here I am standing in the sun next to a cactus. I was trying to take a picture of something foolish since today’s theme for 7days is “Fool.” It’s pretty foolish to cuddle up to a cactus, no? After I took the shot, I noticed the bug and squealed a little bit.

I almost posed with a pregnancy test and said “April Fools” but I know too many people just look at the thumbnails of my flickr page and the rumors would start. I just can’t do that. (So NO, I am not pregnant. I’ll let you know when I am.)

7Days Spring 2009. Day 5: Fool

I ended up using this shot for my “Fool” picture. It’s not my best but it is pretty foolish.

giving my dad the finger

And that’s pretty much it. I don’t know why I don’t have any Bug pictures today (or yesterday for that matter). I guess she just hasn’t been feeling very photogenic. She’s been running around with her cousins and not paying much attention to me at all. Which is fine. I needed the break.

p.s. psssssssst! I put up a new banner for April. Refresh your browser! :)