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    New Cards in my Shop

    New Mystery Cards

    Amazingly, the heat wave disappeared yesterday! Here I thought summer was already upon us but it was just a little tickle of what is yet to come. The fog rolled in and yowzers was it welcome! I love fog some days. Especially on days that I feel like staying inside and making things.

    the mess

    Yesterday Bug and I made some more funky pants cards for my shop. I don’t even really care if they sell or not. It’s just fun to sit with my little helper and make stuff. I think since I’ve always recycled her art since day one, Bug thinks it’s normal.

    my helper

    As fast as I could cut up her masterpieces, she created more—even adding more color here and there to humor me. I hope we are partners making art for a long long long time.

    new mystery cards in my shop

    I added a little twist to this latest batch of cards. They are called Mystery Cards. Sort of like the Chef’s Surprise where you just never know what you’re going to get, except I promise I won’t hash yesterday’s stale meatloaf into with the mix.

    tied up with string

    Actually, these cards are kind of fun. On a whim I decided to add a line here and there from whatever song was playing in the background on itunes. I thought it would be a fun prompt for those creative writerly types that might need a little spark to help them send a note.

    new mystery cards

    It would work for me.