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    Paris in the Springtime…plate!

    perhaps a little too staged

    My SAJ Paris in the Springtime plate is in my shop now. I had a little fun staging it. Maybe too much fun. But hey, I always wanted to have my own shop and this virtual shop is nearly rent-free so I might as well have as much fun as I can! Would you like a little plate to keep on top of your dresser for your pennies and keys and sweet nothings?

    oval SAJ goes to Paris plate

    Perhaps you’re more in the mood for some cookies!

    You can daydream about a bike ride along the Seine and perhaps a picnic on a low stone wall. Paris was really like that, you know. I remember taking the clichéd tour boat ride down the Seine and being amazed at how many city folks sat on the walls along the Seine drinking wine out in the open, next to their open picnic baskets from which they pulled out hunks of cheese and bread and tubs of pasta salads from a nearby deli. It was right out of a storybook.

    And so it will be forever in my mind.


    UPDATE: plate is sold. Thank you Binary Girl!