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    You gotta jump, shake, shimmy them out!

    7Days Spring 2009. Day 4 Shimmy and Shake

    Here’s a fun game to play. Grab a friend and run down a hill while jumping and trying to keep your low-rise pants from falling off. We were trying to get a shot with us up in the air, maybe even with our heels kicking to the side but that didn’t work at all. Instead we got this photo where we look like we are breaking out in some 8o’s dance routine. Does Bethany not look like she is shimmying?

    That was fun. Especially while other mothers in the park looked on and our kids fell off the eight-foot-tall playground equipment. Just kidding. Nobody fell off anything.

    the cats meow plates

    Next up we have some cat plates that I painted ages ago and have just now put in my shop. I’m selling them together but maybe that’s too expensive. If anyone wants to buy just one, email me and maybe I’ll break up the set. I’m thinking of painting a few more in other colors.

    Paris in the Spring plate (un-fired)

    I love painting when I come to visit Bethany. They know me at her local pottery-painting studio and I think that’s awesome.

    I’ve got a few dishes in the works right now. This oval plate is another SAJ in Paris scene. It says “I love Paris in the Springtime” on the back but true to my one-side-of-my-brain-is-turned-off-while-the-other-is-working-in-overdrive habits, I painted “I love Paris in thIS Springtime.” Ugh. I hate it when I do that and I do it ALL the time. Thankfully I was able to scrape it off with a handy dandy paperclip and all is well. Besides plates like this are more fun with stories anyway, don’t you think? At least that’s what we told Angella when I smudged up her mug.

    tree bowl

    And this bowl is SOLD! I love it when that happens. Thank you, LV Gurl!

    That’s all for tonight! I have to rush off and go taste some Bruleed Lemon Bars! Swoon!

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    a thrown-up post

    7days Spring 2009. Day 2: Day of the Dead

    It was late. I said I wasn’t feeling creative enough to write a blog post but I’d had too much coffee to go to bed.

    Lincoln Mark V

    Bethany said, “You could just throw up a quick post.” Which is easy for her to say since she’s a night owl and does her best work at night. I, however, am a morning person and can’t stick two thoughts together past ten pm.

    tortilla makers' window

    Then Troy said, “Bleeeaaarrrgh!” as if Bethany meant I could just vomit up a post. Troy is such a funny guy. Always making puns.

    sushi plate (un-fired)

    So here you have it. My vomited-up post.

    I’m sorry. It’s not really thrown up. I did think about it a little bit. It’s just late for me.