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street urchin

I don’t have much to say today. I thought I’d say a word about hand-me-downs. They rock. I never got to appreciate them as I was the oldest in a long line of cousins. But now that we are on the receiving end of the next generation of cousins, I’m liking it a lot. So far Bug does too.

Between the vest from Superchic, the pants from Annalie, the hat that was a gift from Auntie Jaynette and the cheap shoes from Payless, I think we’ll do just fine fashion-wise during this economic downturn. I might even have to start a Toddler’s Closet flickr pool.


  • ame i.

    I love the HMD’s! I have 2 daughters (8 & 10), 2 days short of being 2 years apart. I’ve loved and still love the sight of S.K. wearing the clothes S.B.’s clothes.

  • Linda

    I second the idea that Hand-me-downs so totally rock. I also have decided that living by Ebay rocks too. Just this week I’ve been lucky enough to pickup 3 pair of Gymboree corduroy pants, a lot of 24 pieces of little boy clothing which includes all name brands stuff, and an additional lot of 7 pieces of little boy clothing that includes jeans from Childrens Place and a jacket … approximate value of all items if I had to go out and buy them – about $350 … what I paid – $53.29. Lil Man is set for fall and winter, everything is in excellent condition, some of these items still have the tags on them, and I didn’t have to get dressed and go shopping!!
    I like the idea of a Toddler Closet on flicker!

  • Calee

    I wish we got some HMDs. Audrey’s the only one for both our families and our friends seem to have kids much older. Oh well. Target rocks too!

  • Annika

    I love hand-me-downs and we don’t really get many. Most of my friends have kids who are much older or much younger than Sammy. I comfort myself by giving hand-me-downs.

  • Sonja

    I loved hand-me-downs EXCEPT for that scratchy green wool dress. My grandma made one for each of the cousins, which means that I had the same scratchy dress to deal with for four winters. FOUR! Every time I had finally gotten my little body to grow enough to not have to wear it anymore, the next one would flutter into my closet. *shudder*
    I loved hand-me-downs as a teenager too, because my older cousin was allowed to buy all kinds of trashy clothes… hehe.

  • lynne

    I think BB is very lucky to have such a stylish older cousin such a SuperChic.

    As the youngest child out of 3 girls I had lots of hand me downs which didn’t phase me a bit, I wasn’t much into clothes as a young kid, although as I am taller by several inches than my sisters so I think some of those dresses may have been wayyyy too short for a tree climbing tom boy like me.

    Now my neice is 13 we share the same shoes size so I have been off loading shoes from my goth days and passing on my cool manga t – shirts now I am trying to upgrade my image to responsible adult ;)

    Love the hat your auntie knitted too, such beautiful blues.

  • Sleepynita

    Hand me downs rock, especially when they are in great shape and on the unique side! I also love the idea of a Kids Kloset flickr pool – as long as it didn’t turn into a one-upmanship of designer kids wear – because we all know what some moms can be like. Personally I take pride in the $5 outfit my son has on today ;)

  • Katherine

    I never benefitted from hand-me-downs either as the eldest. We had two cousins in between me and my younger sisters and my aunt and uncle were quite well off, so my sisters got some really good hand-me-downs from them. I remember feeling quite jealous!

  • cindy

    WHat a cute outfit!
    I love hand-me-downs too! Unfortunately, we don’t get too many. Since all my babies are the same age, they don’t get each other’s hand-me down’s either! So I am so grateful when friends with kids send their hand me downs over. They’re a real life-save AND a money saver for us!

  • Pam

    do a toddler wardrobe remix!!! that’s a brillant idea! i actually just did a flickr search and see of a lot of toddlers that are ready to join your pool! is it pathetic that i’m jealous of bugs outfit?

  • sock mom

    hand me downs are GREAT – most of little man’s clothes are either handed down, or from yard sales or moms club sales. I love other people’s stuff :-)

  • Jennifer

    We love the hand me downs over here. Since Emily is so much older than Audrey it’s sometimes really emotional when I go through a bin of clothes. I can remember moments when Emily wore the outfits originally. Then it’s so exciting to see them come back to life on Audrey. A few months later I get to see them on Molly. Some are so “loved” that they don’t quite make it to Molly.

  • Meg

    We love hand-me-downs too! It’s a good thing, because I’m a SAHM and lots of fancy baby clothes are just not in the budget. Sometimes I resent not being able to go crazy and buy all of those cute girlie clothes I see at the mall, but I get my fix at Target…and ‘oohing’ & ‘aaahing’ over the hand me downs from friends.
    Bug looks adorable. You have some friends with stylish older children.

  • Gramma

    Do you knooow ;your Mom cried because she didn’t get any hand-me-downs? She just happened to be the oldest girl in the neighborhood.

  • Sonja

    I can’t imagine not having another little boy just so we can use all his gently worn clothes over again! You’d think I’d want a girl – the whole one of each scenario – but I love all the little boy themed clothes and would be completely overwhelmed at the thought of having a second wardrobe entirely for a little girl!