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    A Kuky Visit!

    the Kuky family

    The Kuky Family came to visit Bug and I at the beach yesterday. I love them. I love it even more when the internet and my real life collide. The only problem is I think I make my beach life look a little better in pictures on this blog than it is in reality. I spent a lot of time apologizing for the mismatch. First there was the baking sun and the steep sweaty walk back to my house and then my horrid carpet and lack of air conditioning. It is so hot in my house around 3 pm.

    Isabelle and Dad

    Ask anybody who has been here. It’s awful. It makes you just want to check into the nearest hotel and soak in a bathtub of ice cubes. Then I didn’t even have anything to offer them to drink other than some really weak iced tea (that I had tried to make stretch by adding way too much water). What kind of hostess am I? Obviously not a very thoughtful one.

    Isabelle and Bug

    But it all didn’t matter because you know what happened when it was time for them to leave? Isabelle didn’t want to leave. She cried and cried. They had to carry her out. I felt so loved. It may have been Bug’s large collection of new and different toys or it could have been that she just liked us. I’m going with the latter.