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    …they came to stay

    they came to stay...

    We’re home now. I was starting to freak myself out with how comfortable I was getting at the Actuallys’. I probably could have stayed a month and still thought of fun things to keep us busy. I was eyeballing some planting pots they had in the garage. Give me a few more days and I’d have them planted with lavender and lemon-scented geraniums.

    When the Actuallys did come home, it was a bit creepy knowing that I knew where things were better than they did. For example, I needed a little light to read a book with at night so I wouldn’t wake up Baby Bug by turning the ceiling light on. When I asked Bethany if I could borrow one she said she thought she had one around somewhere. And then I said, “It’s in the nightstand beside your bed on the right side, next to your cell phone cords.”

    That’s just creepy.

    So it’s time to go home. No matter how much I want to stay there and take over their house as my own, I don’t really want to star in my own horror movie.