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    Cat sitting Cat sitting Cat sitting and…

    enjoying the sunbeam

    Still cat sitting.

    Cat sitting. Cat sitting. Cat sitting.

    having a moment

    I’d have more photos of all the cat sitting we’re doing but I’m sort of doing something else too that has completely captured my attention. So much so that I have no interest in my freelance work (this is a shocker since I love my freelance work), I have no interest in emailing, I have no interest in blogging (except when I’m supposed to be sleeping and can’t because I drank too much coffee)…I even have no interest in all the paintings I was supposed to be doing this week. I brought all my stuff and it’s sitting on the kitchen table waiting for me.

    So what am I doing that is so much more fun than all my other interests? I’m unpacking boxes.

    I’m on a mission to unpack Bethany’s entire house and put everything away in such brilliant places that she doesn’t mind that I am totally crossing the line and snooping through her personal stuff. I know this is so taboo and weird but she gave me permission! Ask her yourself. She hates unpacking and for her this is a favor. I think it’s the funnest thing ever.

    I’m a nut. I know. I actually love organizing stuff for other people. I get a rush from it. It’s like playing Tetris. If I can fit everything in the perfect place then I’ve won. A place for everything and everything in it’s place. It’s my mantra. If I weren’t so busy being a mom, I would go into business doing this. I love it! I really do. And yes, I’ll come unpack your house for you too if you live in my town and you buy me a latte and you’re not scary or perverted.

    tick tock tail

    So anyway, that’s what I’m doing. No photos of the house until the job is complete.

    Over and out.

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