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    Operation Birthday Birdy

    two of a kind

    Baby Bug and I have been up to some covert maneuvers. We were sent on a top-secret mission by my Grandmother to buy a canary for my Aunt Keren, for her birthday. It was to be a very big surprise. It’s been in the works for months.

    checkin' out the chickens

    We took our mission seriously. We looked high and low for just the right bird. Not a chicken, not a duck but a perfectly yellow canary. And of course we found him at the Magnolia Bird Farm—our favorite bird store.

    birdies for sale...

    A perfectly yellow, very young canary who can’t sing yet and so therefore was half price. Not bad. We got our bird and smuggled him home for the big birthday dinner on Sunday. No, we weren’t going to eat the bird! He was the big surprise birthday present!

    the birthday girl

    I’m happy to report that our mission was a complete success. Not only was Aunt Keren completely surprised but she fell in love with her new little birdy on the spot. And Pavarotti (his new name) was happy too because he spent the rest of the day tweeting like a proper teenager canary who has not fully developed his singing pipes yet.

    getting some fresh air

    No stressed-out birdy here. He was very happy. I think he approves of the paint color in the dining room, don’t you?

    Jack 'o Lantern and Pumpkin Face

    Auntie Keren and Rapunzel

    Mom and Gramma

    Over and Out.