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A Kuky Visit!

the Kuky family

The Kuky Family came to visit Bug and I at the beach yesterday. I love them. I love it even more when the internet and my real life collide. The only problem is I think I make my beach life look a little better in pictures on this blog than it is in reality. I spent a lot of time apologizing for the mismatch. First there was the baking sun and the steep sweaty walk back to my house and then my horrid carpet and lack of air conditioning. It is so hot in my house around 3 pm.

Isabelle and Dad

Ask anybody who has been here. It’s awful. It makes you just want to check into the nearest hotel and soak in a bathtub of ice cubes. Then I didn’t even have anything to offer them to drink other than some really weak iced tea (that I had tried to make stretch by adding way too much water). What kind of hostess am I? Obviously not a very thoughtful one.

Isabelle and Bug

But it all didn’t matter because you know what happened when it was time for them to leave? Isabelle didn’t want to leave. She cried and cried. They had to carry her out. I felt so loved. It may have been Bug’s large collection of new and different toys or it could have been that she just liked us. I’m going with the latter.


  • Jennifer

    I always judge visits to my home by whether or not the kids of my visitors want to leave. I think it’s a great gauge. I love having kids dragged out of my house kicking and screaming, I really do!

  • karen

    We don’t have AC, either! I hand guests lunchbox-sized freezy-paks and a dishtowel to tie the packs to the back of their necks. We sleep with cooler-sized ones between the sheets at our feet, in the same manner as Victorians had warming pans at their feet.

    I think all our lives look a little better on the blogs than they actually are. Isn’t that one of the attractions of blogging? :)

  • jacquie

    First of all, I’m always diggin the way you keep it so real on your blog. Also the apparent mismatch must mean you are one fabulous photographer (duh!)

    Finally, I missed my camera so much, (kids spilled Gatorade on it last spring) and I was lurking around your Flickr account a few days ago… and got super inspired to just go out and get myself a new one… A Canon Powershot SD790 IS Elph.

    I don’t comment very often but just wanted to let you know you’re a huge inspiration to me as a creative mom myself and I hope you never stop blogging. I love reading and peeking into your life. My kids love it too. I think they think they know Baby Bug ;)

  • Gayle

    I’m sure the Kuky family wasn’t bothered by the things you were worried about. I know I used to stress over all kinds of things when we were going to have company, but people understand that when we have kids, things aren’t perfect! Also, what fun would it be if everything was perfect? Most great memories are made by the imperfections!

  • Annie

    I enjoy how Isabelle seems to be kind of kneeling with a slight delicacy in the sand, and Bug is just plopped right down in the sand. I’m more of a Bug-type sitter, I guess.

  • lynne

    Kuky always wears such beautiful clothes.

    I’d drink your iced tea any day, weak or not. And as for embarassment remember I had a curtain for a bathroom door for a good year after I moved to our apartment.

    Regarding carpet stains I always had a hunch when I was renting and had sad, old carpeting that if you spill enough eventually the stains would cover all the carpet and render it one colour. Not a theory I tested though.

    In one place we had just a bare wood floor, lovely, except everything we did irritated our downstairs neighbour so to rectify this as we don’t want to be bad neighbours we went to Ikea and bought a load of rag rugs which we laid criss crossed across the floor giving a Morrocan effect. Happy neighbour. Colourful flooring.

  • Annabanana

    We had this talk tonight about selling the lake house and buying something down there when the market gets real bad. (I doubt it could ever get bad enough for us to be able to afford more than a cardboard box though)
    I am just soooooo freaking cold all the time! I sit by the fire and shiver, I want to come and sweat! Wanna trade?

  • Kuky

    Everything was wonderful! Even cardiac hill! We totally did not notice the carpet. We were too busy enjoying your and bug’s company.

  • Susan

    I’d rather be sweating than wearing this bulky jacket because its suddenly cold in Arkansas. I am sure you were a great hostess and no one really ever notices carpet.

  • Helen

    Wow, you got to spend time with Kuky and family. Lucky, lucky you guys! I am so envious. Many a times, lately when we try to get the kids together to play, one of them has most likely fallen asleep and I only see Kuky for the most 10 minutes. And here you guys live 6 hours away and we just live 45 minutes away. Yes, indeedy, I am superbly envious.

  • BeachMama

    Wow, so much fun. If I ever make it out for a real life visit. I would be so happy to meet you and BB in person, water would be fine, as would the heat and all things beachy!!