My great book idea

my new book

This sketching every day is fun but it’s making my blog not very colorful! Where are the fun pictures of Baby Bug?!!! Bring back the color you say? I agree. All this black and white and gray and a little bit of red today is very boooooar-ring.

But I have to post this because there is a story behind it and if I just leave it there sitting in flickrland people might make up stuff about me being depressed. Which actually is sort of where this idea came from BUT DON’T WORRY! I am not depressed! I’m actually feeling pretty happy and silly as I write this at two-fourty-two in the morning. What can I say? When I get free computer time, I use it.

This little drawing was supposed to be of some depressed looking goth teenager reading a novel. I even had his hair worked out. It would be black and flat ironed into his face. He’d be wearing skinny pants so skinny his legs looked like sticks. And then of course he’d be holding this book which would be funny as hell because who needs to read a book about being depressed! Hahahahahaah! I crack myself up.

Then I got bogged down in how to make the title of the book show up at the right perspective but have it still be readable…and it was just taking way too long! I don’t have time to be making complicated sketches when I have a toddler around! Not to mention, every time I break out the pen and paper she demands that it is HER pen and HER paper and then colors all over whatever I am drawing.

So this is what I’m left with. The book. I think it’s a pretty good idea for a book actually. It would be a parody. I’d write chapters and chapters about how to be morbidly depressed. I’d cover the small things like how to insure a hangover by not drinking water (thanks BA for that one) all the way to how to obsess about the hopelessness of world peace… You’d spend so much time thinking about how pathetic it is to be sad, that you’d actually end up doing the opposite and feel happy. Does that make sense?

Of course I’d have to heavily rely upon research from people like this blogger. In fact, maybe I’d even ask her to co-write it for me since she’s already written several books. I love her blog and continually find inspiration from it. Just read the quotes down the right side (not at the top but a little ways down) and I dare you not to feel inspired to be happier about your life. Happy isn’t that hard after all. It just takes some work.

Turn that frown upside down!

taking her sweet time

Now lets get some color back in this blog!