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    Okay, so a slight delay on the post about nightmares and fear… life just gets in the way of blogging sometimes, which is SO annoying!

    Anyway, here is today’s drawing. I’m putting it up right away because I don’t want what happened yesterday to happen today. And that is that I didn’t draw yesterday! Ack! My own bolt of lightning is going to strike me dead. I’ll have to draw that too.

    This is just a sketch of a daily skit Baby Bug likes to act out. It’s her favorite game. If there are two sizes of anything, anything at all, they are “the mommy” and “the baby”. Sometimes even “the daddy” makes an appearance in her playtime, which is cute.

    Like I was writing about before about the ocean, making castles are a big part of our daily routine even if we don’t’ make it down to the beach. We make imaginary castles in the living room, scooping invisible sand everywhere… which is kind of nice since unlike real sand, I don’t have to clean it up.

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