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    the world’s smallest grocery shopper

    the world's littlest shopper

    We went shopping today. Obviously. A picture is so much more efficient than anything I could say on the matter. But of course that won’t stop me from rambling.

    I timed our shopping trip a little too close to naptime for comfort so I thought it would be smashing fun to let Baby Bug push her own little wee cart. Also, Toby is going on a business trip for 2.5 weeks and I am going on a dinner-cooking strike. So that means I don’t need to shop for so much. I can put everything we need into a cute little wee cart. (I love using the word “wee”.) Food is overrated. We can eat cold corn right out of the can when Toby is gone. Or pizza. Either one.

    So anyway, back to the smashing fun of shopping with Baby Bug who was NOT strapped into the safety of a regular grown-up sized cart. Yeah…it wasn’t so much fun. Unless you think of fun and smashing your head against a wall in the same sentence. She was one grumpy, nap-needing, tenacious little shopper and how dare I interfere with her quest to put all the green products in the cart.

    I exaggerate some. Obviously it was fun enough for me to whip out the camera and take some photos.

    green diapers mommy!

    “Green Diapers Mommy”

    no green cheese, moving on...

    Things we ended up with that were not on our shopping list:

    1. a pineapple
    2. a green apple
    3. a “mommy lime” and a “baby lime”
    4. a can of pineapple (I think this is purely because the label was green, not because she is loving pineapple
    5. a can of tomatoes (who knows)
    6. three 20 cent jello cups from Mexico
    7. some watermelon-flavored kid shampoo
    8. two skor bars (scored major point with daddy on that one)

    Things I put back when she wasn’t looking:

    1. balogna
    2. a pack of jumbo-sized hot dogs
    3. a pack of hard plastic sparkly headbands (those things give you a headache!)
    4. some stupid baby bottle sour apple candy thingy
    5. an Easter bunny
    6. a tub of non-fat organic sour cream (we buy full-fat everything since bb is underweight)
    7. four bottles of green shampoo
    8. some green hair smoothing serum (has she been talking to whoorl?)
    9. green shamrock cookies
    10. a green package of feminine napkins
    11. and some other green things I cannot remember

    building an arsenal

    Clearly, the marketers behind grocery products have taken toddlers with small carts and a preference for green into consideration.