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    it came to pass

    whoorl's bug eyes mirror

    It’s 3 am and I should not be typing a blog post but I feel compelled to let all the monday morning readers (love you guys!) that everything is going much much better than it was in my last post. I think that one day was particularly bad because of the vet and the no-nap/no-lunch combo. A tired, hungry, whiney toddler is much less manageable than a normal whiney toddler.

    I’ve learned some things about Bug lately. (That’s what I’m calling her these days… she’s less and less of a baby every day.) She needs the constant (and I mean CONSTANT) assurance that I’m there. So when she asks me five-hundred-zillion times if she can have a cookie it isn’t really because she is dying of hunger and needs a cookie but more that she wants to make sure I’m right there and paying attention to her. I haven’t suddenly lost all gravitational pull from the earth and gone hurtling out to space to visit my other kids on mars.

    So we’re working on that.

    Pounce seems to be getting better too. He’s not his old self, yowling at five in the morning for his canned cat food but he is up and moving around. He’s responsive to petting and chooses to sleep with Bug at night so at least he’s getting up from his sick bed once in a while. When I came home tonight from a fun Oscar’s party at whoorl’s (yay! just the two of us and our 272 twitter friends) he actually greeted me at the door and gave me a scratching-the-floor-with-his-claws welcome. That is a good sign.


    Hey, one more thing. I’ve been thinking it’s time to do an un-finished business post. You know, like a catch up on Forrest and a why-I-painted-my-refrigerator-red story, or an answer to “will you ever make sludgies again?” etc etc… sort of post. Do you have any old niggling questions that I keep ignoring in the comments? I’m trying to be more responsive in the comments but I am baaaad, I know. I always mean to answer questions right away but then something calls me away and next thing I know I’ve let the question slide in with my fifty emails I need to write back to.

    So maybe if I set aside time to just answer questions, I’ll be better. And maybe it’ll be a fun blog post? Or not. No pressure to come up with a question if you don’t have one. I can always just post pictures of Bug.

    And that’s all the news that’s fit to print at 3:28 in the morning. Out!

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