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The Trick or Treat Post

the trick-or-treat parade

Halloween was a BLAST. I’m kinda worried about Christmas now. It’s a good thing we’re going out of town because I do not think I can top this last week’s fun with a tree and some presents. I loved Halloween this year. We did so much and Baby Bug’s little firecracker personality really shot my fun quotient to the stars.

Rapunzel as a punked out Tinkerbelle

I decided to invite my nieces to trick-or-treat with us this year. Firstly because I looooove my nieces and secondly because my neighborhood rocks. The ratio of candy to kids is significantly heavier on the candy side. People stand at their doors calling out to you to come and take handfuls. I don’t know if this is because everyone and their Aunt is on a no-sugar-no-carb diet or if there really aren’t that many kids trick or treating. Either way, we ended up with more candy than any of us really deserve.

cinderella lashes

I didn’t get very many pictures of us trick or treating because I was way too busy being a mom. Also, I hate taking night photos. I’ve never mastered the flash (has anyone, really?) and the new mini-van camera hangs up so long for each shot, all the kids were three blocks away by the time the shutter actually clicked.

happy halloween

I think that’s my only night shot. Oh well. It was fun fun fun.

Baby Bug made me so proud. She marched up to each door with her cousins and shouted “twick or tweet” as loud as her little girl voice could go. There was absolutely no way anybody was going to ignore her cuteness. When they let her choose, her usual persnicketiness kicked in and she hovered there for several seconds looking for the green candy bar, I’m sure. Of course there were never any green candy bars but we did end up with quite a few peanut m and m’s. I’m pretty sure she chose them because there is a picture of a green m and m on the package. Too bad she can’t eat peanuts until she turns three. Oh well. More for me.

little bug

If that wasn’t enough to make my proud-mom heart puff up bigger than my head, Baby Bug even said thank you all by herself with hardly any prompting from me. Well, probably every fourth house I had to jab her with my elbow but usually she heard Grandma and Auntie yelling at her cousins and got it out pretty quick.

What really killed me was when one woman, who was kneeling down to to Baby Bug’s height, said bye to her. After blinking a couple times, Baby Bug yelled “BYEEEEEE!” really loud right back at the woman’s face. I think it surprised everyone. She is not shy, my Bug. Not shy at all.


My mom says I was like that too when I was little. It’s hard to believe since I was known as “the girl who never talks” from second grade until college. I don’t know what happened to make me so shy. I’m certainly not shy now. I wonder if Baby Bug will be like me and lose this outgoing personality she has now. I kind of hope not. She really is a kick in the pants

trick or treats

We ended the night with some homemade chili and some box-mix cupcakes. I really wanted to make these but I’m too much of a wus to try baking from scratch. I know, I know. I’ve heard it a thousand times from Jenn that box mixes suck but I’m a mom in a hamster wheel, remember? I can’t think that far in advance. One of these days I’ll try it. If only to make “hemajang mouths”.

My family decided to spend the night instead of driving an hour an a half to their own homes. Everybody was pretty tired. This is all fine and good but I don’t have any extra beds in my house. So that meant Gramma got the couch and everybody else got the floor.

My house was wall to wall blankets and bodies last night. It was like a big slumber party. Slumber parties on Halloween night are really really fun until five the next morning when the cat wakes Baby Bug up and then we have to spend the next three hours trying to be quiet without the aid of Sesame Street.

hot chocolate at dawn

Thankfully, my niece Rapunzel woke up too. So it wasn’t just me and Bug killing time until the other’s work up. We decided trying to be quiet was a drag so we took a moonlight morning walk the doughnut store and watched the sunrise on the beach. That’s really something everyone should do. Doughnuts are good for the soul (and thighs).

I really cherish these times with my oldest niece. She’s growing up so fast. This morning with her left over purple hair and make-up she really seemed like a window into the future.

the future

She’s only nine but in this picture she looks like she’s seventeen, working at Virgin Records with five tatoos and she doesn’t talk to me anymore. I don’t want that to ever happen. I think I would die inside if she stopped talking to me.


I don’t want my little girls to ever grow up. (Super Chic too but she was sleeping)


  • Nila

    I love those tights. Baby Bug looks so cute, I would have given her the whole bowl of candy. Enjoy eating it. All that eating of goodies is good practice for Thanksgiving.

    It’s weird when I look at my boys and see glimpses of who the will be someday. It’s kinda sad and scary all at once. They grow up way too fast.

  • Kuky

    Looks like so much fun! And those matching tights. Hee hee! I didn’t see them right away when your page loaded but then I scrolled down and bam there they were, stripy tights. Such a smile that put on my face. I guess I’m just really into stripy tights right now.

    And when I saw that picture of Rapunzel sitting there with the coffee cup I thought wow she’s looking so grown up there. Why do kids have to grow up so fast?

  • Susie

    Your nieces are getting so grown up! It makes me realize just how long I’ve been reading your blog. Anyway, all three girls are just beautiful. You all look so happy, and there’s nothing more beautiful than that.

  • Alissa

    I love, love, love these pics especially the morning after ones. BB is too adorable in her bug costume and your nieces are super cute. I’m loving the purple hair. This post makes me wish I had nieces too. I’m sure you’ll be their favourite auntie forever :) .

  • Erica

    I stumbled across your blog the other day and have fallen for it. Your daughter is so adorable it makes me want to reproduce immediately.
    I enjoy your fresh and honest comments. From what I’ve seen so far you’re doing a great job of being a fantastic mom and fantastic graphic designer!

  • Angella

    Great photos! I just ordered a flash, so here’s hoping to better night photos.

    I was also an outgoing preschool child who then turned shy for my school years. Wouldn’t guess it now, would ya?

    I smile every time I see BB in her costume :)

  • Michelle

    Dahling – Love the lashes! Your BB is adorable, and all of the stripey tights too! “C” went as a witch with crazy stripey tights, and pink Converse!!! She wanted to be a “Good witch”, so I dressed her up like a scatterbrained, eclectic, fun witch! I found the shoes for $15 and thought they would be too cute. I wonder if they make them in green for BB? Glad your Halloween was so much fun!

  • Beth

    Oh what fun you had! Great shots! Looks like your whole family enjoyed Halloween! BB is sooooo cute, gonna be hard to top that outfit next year! I know, don’t rush it huh! lol
    keep up the great blogs!

  • Gretchen

    That’s what an Auntie is for – when a girl stops talking to her mom, she gos to her Auntie.

    Sunrise on the beach? I’d be up every morning at five for that.

  • Annika

    Listen to Jenn! Cake and cupcakes are the very easiest things to bake from scratch! You can make pie crust, so cupcakes would be NOTHING. Honest.

  • Erin

    Adorable halloween pictures. I adore BB’s pink n black tights/leggings. Too cute!

    Oh…and I umm…started my own blog…and though maybe people might want to check it out;) Shameless self-promotion…but it’s so much more gratifying when people visit!

    Have a lovely fall day!

  • andrea

    Oh my, Rapunzel looks all grown up. What a cute group of girls, I would have given them handfuls of candy too! I love the ladybug with the converse, that look just fits what I imagine her personality to be like to a T.

  • Leta

    Baby Bug looks so cute! Love those shoes. Is Super Chic wearing fake eyelashes? How in the heck? All of their costumes look great.

  • BeachMama

    Your Halloween looked like so much fun. Do you always trick or treat before sundown? This year without the time change things started before dark, but it was dark quickly.

    And I love how much you Love your neices, they are so fortunate to have a fabulous Auntie in you. And I would do morning walks too, but it is too cold out that early, so we would pull out the laptop and watch movies in bed :).

  • Neil

    I’m so jealous of all the fun you had for Halloween. It was so dullsville around here. I was all ready with the candy and a goofy mask — and not one kid showed up trick or treating. I need to move by next year to a neighborhood with some spirit!

  • Marilyn

    Boy, do they ever…grow up fast. My ‘little’ niece turns 10 next weekend. She’s already 9…going on 29. I hate to tell ya, but even the hippest Aunties don’t seem that hip when the nieces hit high school. (Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything.) ;)

  • mariss

    Without a doubt, your little girl is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. What was most touching in the post, were what you wrote about your nieces. That morning walk to the donut shop is a memory I’m sure she’ll always remember. Plus, nieces usually still talk to their aunts, even when they’re trying to be too cool. ;)