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Day Twenty: Party Report Part III

11/20 birthday princess shoes

The wrapping paper is shuffled into a corner. The birthday girl sits in front of the tv watching her “Enchanted Princess” movie with her new Cinderella Barbie Doll in her lap. My mom and CC chat in the kitchen, making Thanksgiving plans. Baby Bug is snoring away in the sewing room and here I am tapping away with cold feet at the little make shift desk my mom has for me in her living room.

The party is over. It was a hit. I took a zillion pictures but I’m only uploading my most favorites because my mom’s house is the most un-photogenic mobile home ever. Every angle was an impossible lighting situation. If I wasn’t blasting everyone with the horrid flash then their eyeballs were blurry from motion.

blowing out the candles

A few pictures turned out and those were cake pictures. I guess the candle light was just right. I’m so glad. If I had to pick a moment that was the most important to capture, I would have to say the cake. CC spent so much time on it and it turned out so cute. You can’t really tell from the pictures but it was a Cinderella Coach cake made out of two bundt cakes stacked bottom to bottom.

the princesses

It was a really fun party. All the kids seemed to really enjoy themselves. I may just have to steal all of CC’s good ideas and do them for a party for Baby Bug some year.


On no other particular note than I just want to share this picture with you… This is Sarah. If I was a model scout, I would sign her in a minute. I know she doesn’t have the classic good looks that people look for but my camera loves her.

Princess Tinkerella

Just like my camera loves Baby Bug.

p.s. Check out CC’s blog for the inside story (as in how she worked her butt off) and her flickr pictures.