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Day Twenty-five: Finish up the Alphabet Day!

Toby's shoes

Woot! The Alphabet is done. I still have to do lowercase versions and I still need to get them printed. But at least I did what I said I would do before Christmas. Next step: making them available.

I hope to have some mini cards available in my etsy shop in the next two weeks (crossing fingers). I don’t think I’ll finish the lowercase before the end of the year but I’ll keep trying. I have a feeling this will be a project that keeps on going for years to come. I’ve already dreamed up different color themes as well as possibly an adult version. We’ll see, right? Who knows what could come of this.

And with that I give you W for whale!

W is for Whale

X for X-ray!

X is for X-ray

And…. (drum roll) Y for Yak!

Y is for Yak

Yakity Yak!

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