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rain boots IN THE RAIN

You know what today is? Of course you do. IT’S THE LAST DAY OF NABLOPOMO!!! You know what I’ll be doing tomorrow? Of course you do!!! I’LL NOT BE POSTING! Woooo Hoooo. So give yourself a break and don’t click over here tomorrow. Don’t even worry about missing anything because I will be baby-sitting and therefore out of wifi existence anyway. Phew. It’s been a long month.

It really is true that if you can do something for more than 21 days it becomes a habit. Every night now, as I put Baby Bug down and am so tempted to let myself slide into slumber beside her, I’ll have that nagging feeling telling me:
“NO! You can’t sleep! You have to blog!” But then I’ll smile and remember that it’s December now and nobody cares. Like Chatty Housewife commented, “NO MO PO MO!”

Today was a good day.

finally real puddles to splash in!

First of all it rained which was kind of a novelty. Baby Bug actually got to use her rain boots for their intended purpose. Too bad they are too big and she actually walked right out of them a few times and got her socks sopping wet. It was fun punching around in a few puddles. Then I got bored and forced her to play in the living room while I commenced Operation Gift Tag and sent out a zillion orders!

gift tags, all packaged up and ready to go!

Not really a zillion but enough to make me wonder what I got myself into. I love having a little shop. I just never remember how much work it is making things. I had to make sure I finished cleaning up the big mess before Toby woke up or I think he would disown me. It is his pet peeve when I make giant messes doing my “arts and crafts”. But what can I say. I’ve always been this way. At least I’m good at cleaning up.


Guess what else happened today? The alphabet cards were printed and THEN I took them to a bindery shop and they chopped all the corners round for me for FREEEEEEE! I know! I can barely believe my luck myself. It certainly didn’t seem real when it was happening.

I had to drive way into Santa Ana to find this place—which to an Orange County Housewife is the equivalent to driving into the deepest jungles of the Congo. Everything was different. The streets weren’t smooth and wide. I thought for sure I was going to get carjacked. But finally my trek paid off and I pulled up outside a giant warehouse deep in an industrial park.

Before I could even get Baby Bug out of her car seat, a nice man ran out of the warehouse and offered to help me carry in my box of letter cards. It wasn’t even a very big box but it was heavy and I did have a wiggly kid on my hip. I was very thankful for the help. I walked up to an outdoor counter and stood under one of those outdoor heaters. So nice. I love those heaters. It’s like they knew I was coming and made it cozy for me and Bug.

Like a dork, I stumbled around for my words. I’d never been to a bindery before and I had no idea what to expect. Did I need an account? A resale license? Should I have brought my business checkbook? I finally spit out that I needed my alphabet cards corners rounded. The guy at the counter asked me what size I wanted my corners to be. I shrugged and said, “I don’t know, whatever is standard.” I guess I said something right because he ripped up my order form and hustled me off to a waiting room while he cut my cards for FREE! How cool is that?

The guys in the warehouse also spent a good amount of time paying attention to Baby Bug so maybe we got the job free on account of her good looks, I don’t know. But I’m not going to complain.

So there you have it. The official update on the cards is this: They are printed and they have rounded corners! Woooo Hooo! I expect to get a prototype of the muslin bags tomorrow. I will take pictures of the cards and bag and post them on Etsy on Monday! From there my sister-in-law will sew the bags and ship them to me and I will be filling orders as quickly as I can.

We might just make the Christmas deadline after all!


  • bethany actually

    You know, when I think about you, I always think, “Brenda is EXACTLY what I think of when I think of an Orange County Housewife.” Hee hee. :-)

    Yay for nice people cutting you a break and helping you out for free!

    SAJ says: You better be kidding. Ok, you are. For a second there, I thought I was going to have to fling my leopard-print, fluffy-pink-feathered, high-heeled slipper at you.

  • Erin from Iowa

    I have you on my twitter so please do announce right away when the cards are at etsy. I want to get them so bad for my grandson.

  • bethany actually

    This makes two posts in a row with double comments from me. It’s a double-double! Hmm, suddenly I am hungry for In-N-Out…

    Anyway, I just had to tell you that I laughed OUT LOUD at your response to my comment and startled my cat out of my lap.

  • BeachMama

    I love BB’s boots. It is so strange to see a rainy post from you, there is always so much sunshine.

    Yay for kind people and rounding the corners for you, that is just the way the world should be. And next time you need something bound or know someone who does you will be recommending the great guys that helped you out :).

  • LVGurl

    Hey, good work!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the reduced pressure to post.

    Makenna was just jumping in puddles yesterday in her cherry-patterned rain boots!

  • OMSH

    Um…those gift tags are awesome – like totally awesome. BUT honestly, the card I got in the mail today touched my heart even more. :)

  • Island Mummy

    Woo-hoo! I’m so excited. I have downloaded all the cards but I was waiting for you
    to get them printed so that I could buy them.
    Fingers crossed for a great stocking-stuff for my toddler!

  • Michelle

    SAJ – I put words to the “Dora the Explorer” theme song detailing your NaBloPoMo adventure…”Mi mi mi mi mi”….I know, “Get a life, Baxter.”

    She posted 30 days, and she never complained!
    Yeah…She did it! She did it! She did it! Hooray!

    We saw Baby Bug and Annalie!
    Yeah…They’re so cute! They’re so cute! They’re so cute!
    Bethany’s babe and Baby Bug Ponnay!

    She opened up a disco on her kitchen floor!
    Yeah, she Hustled! She Hustled! She Hustled!

    Yeah! Woo! Hooray!
    She did it! “funky organ plays” WOO! “song ending drum beat”

    Thank you, thank you….I’ll be here all weekend!

  • Nila

    You’re the real housewife of the OC.

    I love those boots. And the rain. We’ve had a down pour and it’s been glorious. We hadn’t had any for months.

    Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!

  • C

    I want to buy a set of those cards too! I downloaded all of the cards, but have been waiting to get a real set!

  • justJENN

    psst. Next time when you have more time use an online printing service who will also cut the corners for you and ship them to you thus not having to take a toddler out and about. Take it from someone with a toddler (2) and the same situation. email me if you want more info…

  • Bethany V

    i so love getting stuff done for free, yay for rounded corners!! and i did check back anyhow, and love the new header! p’raps i’ll be inspired to try for another header sooner than 6 months out :) the ad, you are the best, the hits are rolling! SAJ has the best readers …
    happy december!

  • Michelle

    Oops – I meant the song Dora and Boots sing at the end….so embarrassed! No wonder everyone was looking at me so funny.

  • pinky

    frog boots! yay!

    I have a long horrible appointment tomorrow but I hope I get to buy some cards before they are all gone! I think of you as “supporting a local artist” even though we aren’t local to each other geographically. But you feel local to me :-)

  • Susan

    Love. Frog. Boots. Awesome that you got the corners rounded for FREE! Yay! People never give free stuff much anymore…hmm why is that I wonder?
    Love the new Christmasy header..so cute! Have a great NOMOPOBLOMOMOMOMOMOMOM week!