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News from the Shop!


Wow. What can I say? I’m wordless… almost. I am never wordless but I just don’t know where to begin.

First: Thank you. Thank you to everyone who shopped in my shop today and bought alphabet cards. You guys rocked my world. Thank you.

It was a bit of a risk for me to get these printed. I hate spending money that I don’t really have but there seemed to be so much interest. I seriously wavered on it. I had no idea a shop would be so successful. I mean, I knew everyone wanted them but I was worried the price was too high, etc, etc, etc.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart.

the bag

Second: I’m shipping out gift tags daily but the flash cards will not go out until the end of this week. The muslin bags are being sewn as we speak. I cannot thank my Oregonian seamstress sister-in-law enough. She is working so hard making these so nice! If you think of it, drop her a line and tell her she rocks. Because she does. I think I need to give her a raise or two.

I just put an order in to the printer for another set of 50. I can’t believe these sold so quickly. As of 9 pm there are still 17 sets left but they are selling like hotcakes! Who knew! Apparently you guys did and I was clueless. I hope my sister-in-law can keep up because I think her bags really make the package.

Shipping of the gift tags seems to be going well but I did find one extra tag on the floor after I had mailed my first batch off. So if you ended up with 11 tags instead of your proper 12, email me and I will fix you up. I’m so sorry about that.

I’m kind of intimidated by all the orders I need to fill this week. I’ve had a few mix ups already on my etsy shop (sent poor Davenport the Lumpy Cat all the way to the east coast when he was supposed to go one county over) but thankfully my customers are really super nice and very understanding.

If I screw up any of your orders in any way, please let me know and I will find a way to make it right. I’m going to be very careful and only work on one envelope at a time. It shouldn’t be that hard since I’m only really selling the tags and the cards. But who knows. I’m so right-brained sometimes, I can’t even count.

roundy corners!

But that’s okay, because we have rounded corners! Round corners make everything okay.

Third: I still need to make a downloadable pdf. I would do that tonight but I am swamped! It’s the holidays and I have several Christmas-card jobs I’m working on for clients! Ack! I think I will get the pdf done tomorrow. I have some questions first though.

I’ve made some changes on the cards that are for sale. They now feature the lower case and the upper case together. It would be easiest for me to offer that same layout as a pdf. BUT I know some people have been diligently collecting the freebies and might be missing only one letter. I’d hate to mess up your set with one card that has both upper and lower case. At the same time I want to give you the most bang for your buck. Leave me some comments or emails so I can decide what to do. I could do both but that will take even more time.

And lastly, maybe there is someone new here and has no idea what I’m talking about! Hi! Nice to meet you. Here is a link.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you and Happy Shopping! I will be doing my best to make sure your purchases are tip-top and timely. And if it says “sold out” click back later. I will print more as long as there is a demand.


  • familymclean

    Holy crap! You are rocking the season girl!!!! I am so happy for you….kinda wish I was you! Those cards are so freaking awesome!!!!! The packaging—-awesome!!
    Wow! Congratulations!

  • Eralynn

    hoorah! I managed to snag some cards! I am so excited to get them….I don’t have anyone to play with them…but it should be fun!

  • lynne

    Congratulations I think it’s excellent the way your website has helped to publicise your art work and help you sell it to a wider audience, you really have gone to strength to strength over the past few years.

  • margalit

    Gift tags arrived in today’s mail, in the nick of time. I LOVE them. LOVE them. I’m gonna get the alphabet cards too. Why? I don’t know. Someone will have a baby eventually, right?

  • Annika

    I am not as talented as your SIL but if you need an extra seamstress I can help! Also, I am so glad you ordered more because I am just waiting for ad money so I can order a set. Yay!

  • OMSH

    The rounded corners do it.

    You, my dear, are amazing.

    And I’m with SmockLady – the new banner is fantab!

  • Mommy K


    I have benn a freebie downloader from the beginning and LOVE the letters together!!! It wouldn’t be a big deal to put them together…. they are awesome and you have let us download them for free so you do what is easiest for you!!!! We are just grateful that you share with us!!!!

    Thank you for being such a great and giving person!

  • Sam

    I am the phone with my bank right now so I can figure out how to set up PayPal without a check…see what you’ve done? You made me decide to get a PayPal account! That’s how awesome you are. Twenty bucks is a fabulous deal…I do hope you’re making moolah off of this. Next, you could do numbers! Or maybe like an updated See Jane and Dick thing…

  • Ines

    I’m still begging for a poster… maybe? Pretty Please? with Cherries on top? My little boy is super destructive and I know he will destroy these cards… I can put the poster on the wall to be enjoyed and not destroyed.

  • dee

    I’m with Ines. I bought the cards, but would LOVE a poster to put up on the wall. In fact, I was hoping to make my own but I missed some of the downloads.

  • The Chatty Housewife

    I am a diligent collector! I have all the uppercase from a-z, but only lowercase through h. Did I miss something?

    SAJ says: no. I just haven’t finished the lower case. I finished upper case and the set in my shop has both letters but the pdf’s of the lower case are unique, in that they have little animals to match the big animals.

  • bt

    I love the cards, but my kids are a little too old for them. :( I think next you should make your own version of “Old Maid” I would totally buy those! Oh, and birthday gift tags… Love your art!

  • Jillian

    I am so excited you’re selling the cards. :) I saved all the PDFs minus one set, back before I read your blog daily! I’m going to give away a couple sets to the daughters of my two really good friends, and keep one for my own dd, even though she’s way too little for them. :)

  • Kim

    I love the uppercase.. got them all, I would like the lower case the same way, I will be happy to put them together myself (and maybe I can get them fast that way too :) )

  • JennyC.No3

    Oh my gosh – you did such a great job! I totally have to head over to your shop as soon as I’m finished with your post. Darn you brain that can’t always multitask! ;)

  • Kuky

    Ahhh I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post. Only 6 sets of flashcards left and I got mine. Yay, yay, YAY! And imagine, I was thinking about not turning on my computer today. So glad I did.

  • bluejaye

    Wow!!! The possiblities of little bagged cards. Good thing I figured a new, faster way to make these bags. Yea, we’re making money and staying home with the kids.

  • Michelle

    Love the new banner! The tags, alphabet cards, and muslin bags are adorable! Your entire family is soooooo talented!

  • Kathleen

    Love the cards — they look great. One downside to putting the upper case and lower case together — I had thought about using both sets together for a 52-card memory matching game (match big A to little a, big volkwagon to little volkswagon, etc.). If you do the download for both, you can also market them as a memory game!

  • Cheney

    I would love to see some number flashcards! 1-20 maybe? I am not sure how many little animals or toys or whatever you could use for a picture would fit on the cards! Glad to hear you are putting more up for sale, I am planning on ordering some soon!