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Day Sixteen: Skipping Ahead to Z!

zebra shoes

When I took this picture I could only think of one thing: I have to make a Zebra Flash Card!!! So I hope you don’t mind I’m skipping over “x” and “y” momentarily so I can hurry up and get to “z”! Have no fear I will get to “x” and “y” before Christmas.

Z is for Zebra

Here are your cards! (I threw in a secret bonus one for fun and because I felt guilty for the little boys…)


  • Bethany V

    Love the secret bonus one! Can’t let D see that or he’ll demand a replica. Now to get the stubborn printer cartridge fixed so I can print ’em. Thanks for the coolest flashcards ever :)

  • Michelle

    I LOVE those shoes! Details, details! Are they black or navy blue? Stripes, ribbons, ballet flats, I think I might pass out from the excitement!!! “Z” is adorable :o)

  • justJENN

    Now those shoes, I like. Who makes ’em?

    SAJ says: Heh, I peeled off all the discount stickers (so classy) and it says, “Rampage” underneath. So, sadly they are not designer shoes but still style is style right?

  • familymclean

    You are too awesome!
    I tried drawing in Illustrator… I have sooooo much to learn. I put my crappy drawing up on my blog, ugh, now I sooooooo admire you!!!!!
    I know that is a lot of o’s , but that is how much I feel.

  • Grenda

    Seriously….where did you get those shoes!!!!

    SAJ says: I got them at Ross. My family is going to make fun of me because I’m always saying I don’t like Ross… but then one day I was waiting for my clothes to dry at the laundromat and I wandered over to kill time. I still hate Ross but these shoes were $7!!! So I can’t hate them too much.

  • Sam

    All of a sudden I was like, we’re at Z? What happened to W? I’m secretly hoping that W will be a WHALE, because I love whales, and that’s the whole theme of baby Thomas’ nursery. Please, please, make it a whale! :)

    SAJ says: Yikes! I forgot to mention “w” with “x” and “y”! Good thing you reminded me. I have a feeling whale it will be!

  • Kristin

    SAJ!!! Did you do the WHOLE alphebet? I’d love to see all the cards and print them for my little boys! So cool! Help me find the link to the cards, please!

  • bluejaye

    When you put these in you etsy store AND you should…what is the back going to look like?

    We are taking a poll her for X and Y.

    X…xylophone is obvious, but cute, x-ray,
    Y…yarn, yellow, yacht, yak, yogurt,